Why Do I Need a Quality Yoga Mat Bag?

Why Do I Need a Quality Yoga Mat Bag?

We all know the struggle. You want to go to the gym, yoga studio, or park to get your morning yoga routine in. It relaxes you and gets you set for the day—or maybe you prefer to go in the evening, after your workday has finished and you need to unwind.

Mentally, you are prepared to get your zen on. Physically, your muscles are aching for that workout.

But do you have everything you need to be ready for your workout when you get there?

Life is a little chaotic right now, and it’s easy for your workouts to get lost in the scramble to get everything together in time to get yourself to your yoga place before you’re late for some other priority you have to look after. This is a common struggle a lot of people are facing, but did you know that something as simple as a high-quality yoga mat bag can help?

How can my yoga mat bag carry me through my workout?

Having everything you need all in one place is the only answer. Let’s face it. None of us has unlimited time to apply to any activity right now, so the longer it takes to gather all the items you need for your workout, the less time you are going to be able to spend doing your workout.

If you have to scramble enough to find and gather everything, you are probably just going to skip that workout completely. A truly high-quality yoga mat bag can act as organized storage for all your yoga accessories as well as transportation. 

It has compartments for everything you might need: an interior compartment to store your water bottle, a compartment for your shoes and gym clothes, a padded compartment for the iPad or tablet you use to watch your yoga instructor, a compartment for your yoga block and straps, easy-access pockets that hold your keys and valuables while you are doing your workout, and quick-release straps to hold your yoga mat right onto the outside of the bag while ensuring it is easy to access.

With a compartment for everything, it’s a lot easier to keep your yoga accessories organized, and a lot easier to have everything ready to grab-and-go when you find yourself with time for your workout.

What other features should I look for?

For a high-quality yoga mat bag, you want to look for the additional features that are going to help that bag last and be useful long-term. That means being made from a high-quality, durable fabric, like ballistic nylon, and having a good quality zipper and straps that won’t break.

You also want those straps to be comfortable when you are carrying the bag around. If the bag is TSA compliant, you know you’ll be able to take all your yoga gear on the road with you—or repurpose the bag as a carry-on, one that will allow you to bring your yoga mat on your holiday with you (nothing like grabbing a quick yoga sesh on your layover, right?).

Finally, you want to make sure your bag is stylish enough that you’ll want to carry it around with you. Click here to learn more about what makes a yoga mat bag the perfect choice for your workout.

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