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  • Extremely durable and stylish
  • Made from ballistic nylon
  • Perfect for gym, studio or work
  • Padded compartment for iPad, Kindle or Books
  • Interior water bottle pocket
  • Exterior straps to carry a yoga mat
  • TSA compliant
This shoulder bag is designed for the no fuss, fashionable woman who knows how to pack a punch. It’s the ideal companion for trips to the gym or studio with it’s customizable compartment options, first-ever quick release yoga mat/jacket attachments, and compact size.


Weight: 2 lbs.

Base Width: 6"

Height: 11"

Length: 15"


Exterior: Crafted from lightweight top-grade ballistic nylon.

Interior: Signature Crimson liner, Signature LW patch.

Quality: Reinforced by durable metal hardware. Premium seatbelt strip trims.


Water & Wipe: We recommend using a damp cold cloth with water to wipe any excess dirt or residue.

Spot Cleaning: If needed, we suggest spot cleaning the bag, but only with water or a mild soap. However, test a small area of the bag with the mild soap first before applying all over just to avoid any damage.


The Accel is a yoga mat bag with style. It may be basic black on the outside, but that’s perfect. It means that the cleanup is quick and easy, so your bag always looks good and fresh. The greatest part of this women’s gym bag with compartments is not how it looks outside, it’s the inside. The crimson red lining is a great feature. It means that my things don’t disappear into a black hole. Items stand out against this vibrant liner making it easy to find what you need quickly. A lot of the most common t-shirts, socks, sports bras, and leggings for yoga are black or neutral colors, so it’s nice that they won’t camouflage into the interior and the rich crimson is a signature part of The Accel gym bag with yoga mat holder.

Women who take care of families, who have outside jobs, and who make time for the gym already have a lot to do throughout the day, so it makes sense that you need a gym bag that lets you be organized. Your keys, phone, and wallet are things you need to be able to find fast, so it’s great to know that they have designated compartment in The Accel yoga mat bag. The Accel actually has four pockets on the inside that zip closed so that things stay in and pockets on the outside too, so that the things you need, like your phone, can be accessed quickly without opening the bag before you get to the gym.

The Accel does double duty and will hold your yoga mat too. It’s not a yoga mat bag, but it is a gym bag with a yoga mat holder because you don’t always want to carry that yoga mat everywhere you go, do you? In The Accel, the mat straps onto the side, and it won’t knock people over on the subway platform. Yoga mats can be a bit awkward and a great yoga mat bag, or bag with yoga mat straps, recognizes that and designs to accommodate it.

If you are looking for a girl’s gym bag, look at The Accel. Despite its purse-like appearance, it is a fierce gym bag, but it can stash your phone, wallet, and keys too! If you need form, comfort, practicality, style, and organization, all rolled up into something uniquely for women, The Accel is the women’s gym bag with compartments that you’ve been yearning. There is absolutely nothing basic about this basic black bag.

If you are on the market for women’s yoga mat bag, or a gym bag with a yoga mat holder that also lets you carry everything else you need, you have found it. You don’t need three different gym bags to accommodate your life, you need one. The Accel gym or yoga mat bag is designed with your life in mind, no matter how many balls you are juggling, whether you are hitting the gym or a yoga class, or rushing back to work for a meeting, The Accel gym or yoga mat bag has you covered.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Brenda Strickland


Shannon Westlake
It’s a great bag and great quality

I love the quality of these items. I wish I could get the accel in a *tad* bigger, to be able to fit a laptop in the side zip pocket. It could be a fantastic work bag.

Louise Brett
I love this bag however....

The old logo was so much better! Plus I loved the purple, I feel like they have taken a step back in quality with the current look, sorry but the size and quality of the bag are outstanding.

Lola D.
The BEST Purse-to-Gym-Bag Out There

This bag is sturdy, durable, and has just the right amount of style to carry as a purse, yet the strength and functionality to be the perfect gym bag. The removable yoga mat straps are perfection (because, let face it - yoga mats are awkward to carry around!)...and the side pocket for a water much yes!! Having two strap length options (shoulder or cross-body) is such a bonus. Someone finally did it right - this bag does NOT disappoint!

Pamela P.
Packs enough for the day

I can pack all the necessities for the day. I go to the gym after work, so i am able to pack a small lunch, laptop, shoes, gym clothes, toiletries, headphones, water bottle, and yoga mat. It also has a key lanyard to attach your keys to.

Ann P.
Four Stars

perfect for what i needed it for. lots of pockets for organization. easy to carry.

Jessica T.
Perfect, love the expandable compartment divider.

I love this bag it fits in my gym locker perfectly and has enough room for my shower stuff shoes flip flops and a change of clothes. I don't bring a towel to the gym because my gym provides them.

Komal C.

It's just perfect. Well made, strong stitching and straps. Perfect size for water bottle, mat, and towel (and then some).

Sandra C.
Amazing bag, just the right size

Wow. Great bag. I'm surprised at how well designed it is. I'm even more surprised at how much I can carry in this bag while it keeps a slim profile. I can fit: thick mat, mat cloth, hand towel, body towel, shorts, shirt, bottle of water, keys, lock, protein bar, mat spray, tablet, and still have some room left. Highly recommend this bag!

Amber M.
The Perfect yoga bag!

Love love love this bag! Large enough to to accommodate all of my things, but compact enough that it didn't take up any unnecessary space during travel. Lots of pockets, highly recommend!