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5 easy ways to lose weight this summer and keep it off!

Summer is around the corner and Memorial Day is this Monday. By the way, did you read our last blog on where to travel and still get your workout? That means it is time for bathing suit and beach season! It is always hard to keep up with fitness and health in the winter, and sometimes summer just springs up on us and we aren’t always ready for it! But if we have some tips and tricks to help you lose weight this summer without really having to do anything super drastic!

Cut back on alcohol

One of the best ways to lose weight this summer is to drink less alcohol. Alcohol actually has a lot of sugar and is chemically similar to sugar, which means it will set off an insulin resistance and can make weight gain pretty easy. As most sugar and alcohol causes individuals to gain weight pretty quickly so the combination of both is pretty bad.

Choose healthy carbohydrates

Processed white carbs are the basis of all foods, which actually will spike blood-sugar levels and encourage the pancreas to produce insulin, which facilitates the accumulation of fat. Instead try to switch to out white carbs with other ones that are fast-release, refined carbs like brown rice, and rolled oats. Check out our blog on meal planning with your carbs here!

Stick with Soup

Soup is actually an appetite suppressant because it combines liquids and solids, if you eat it before a meal, you can actually lower your calorie intake by up to an amazing 20% compared to not having soup. You can as much soup as you want! You feel pretty full from soup pretty quickly because it is a liquid as well, so that means you get full from not as much food! By the way, here's a soup recipe from our blog here and here!

Portion Control

We all have been there where we have eaten way more we wanted or actually needed! It is actually very common especially in the United States that most people always get another plate of food and that’s when the problems arrive! A tip to help with portion control is to actually stick to one plate of food each meal you have and no more! Also, try using a smaller plate instead of a dinner plate because that will minimize overstuffing yourself on a bigger plate! If you don’t know how much of what foods you should be eating we are here to help don’t worry! For protein, you should always have no more than your palm and carbohydrates you should have a handful. Veggies always two fists and a thumb of fat, which should always be some type of healthy, good fat like nuts!

Switch up your caffeine intake

Choosing to switch up your caffeine intake can really help with weight loss! Most people add a lot of sugar and cream to their coffee! A good idea is looking at what kind of caffeine you are drinking? Are you drinking coffee or an energy drink, or is it tea? After you’ve answered that question look at what is actually in your coffee or caffeine source! If you drink a lot of energy drinks, try cutting back on your intake! Energy drinks have a lot of sugar in them so making sure to cut back on them will help lower your sugar intake which will help with weight loss and especially with bloating in the summer! Now if you drink coffee let's look at what you are drinking in your coffee! Do you add dairy? If so try cutting dairy on minimizing the amount of sugar and dairy in your coffee. You will notice that most drinks at chain coffee places have way more sugar and cream than most people need in their coffee, and can lead to weight gain! So trying to cut out those little things in your coffee will definitely help you lose weight this summer!


So l if you are looking to try and lose weight this summer just remember it’s not as hard as you think! With a few easy tips and tricks you are bound to get to your summer weight loss goal! And remember fitness is important as well, so if you feel like you are happy with your nutrition and wellness, maybe try adding a new workout or even try our May Fitness Challenge!
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