Gym Etiquette: Why Some People Carry a Small Gym Bag While They Work Out

Gym Etiquette: Why Some People Carry a Small Gym Bag While They Work Out

Have you noticed that there are always people who have a small gym bag with them as they move throughout their workouts at the gym? Have you ever wondered why they don’t just use the lockers provided?

Gym bags are actually a handy way to keep everything you need close by and safe while you are working out. As long as they don’t get in the way, keeping your gym accessories and valuables with you is a great idea.

What to Store in Your Small Gym Bag

People who carry a gym bag with them instead of stowing their items in the locker room usually require a few accessories to help them get a better workout. They often carry items like chalk, a lifting belt, resistance bands, straps, gloves, and maybe even alternate shoes for different workouts.

If you work with a trainer or want to keep track of your progress, keep a notebook and pen with you as well. Depending on your workout routine, you might want to carry your foam roller and a post-workout shake.

A handy bag is also a great way to make your visit to the gym a little more convenient. Carry your water bottle in a gym bag rather than have it roll around the gym floor when it gets knocked over. Many people also keep their towels, toiletries, and a change of clothes handy to make their post-workout routine a little faster.

Added Safety

While a small gym bag is useful for keeping all of your workout accessories handy, it is also a little safer than storing your valuables in the locker room. There are many reports of locker room thefts, even from locked units. Some busy gyms have a big problem with locker room security. Keeping your eyes on your bag throughout your workout can help to keep your valuables safe.

If you do bring a bag onto the gym floor with you, it is important to keep it close by and out of the way at all times. Thefts can happen anywhere and you should always know where your belongings are. It is also important that your gym bag doesn’t become a hazard and cause you or someone else to injure themselves while working out.

Choosing the Right Gym Bag

Not every bag is right for keeping with you while you work out, though. The large duffle-style gym bags for men can potentially get in the way and even become a tripping hazard for the other people working out. Look for smaller bags that are sometimes marketed as gym bags for women or girls gym bags.

At Live Well 360, we carry small gym bags that can store a surprising number of items. Our bags are made of durable ballistic nylon and each one has handy storage pockets to keep your valuable safe. Not only are our bags versatile and long-lasting, but they look fantastic at the gym, heading to the office, or for a weekend away.

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