Best Gym Bags with Yoga Mat Holders to Hold All Your Stuff

One of the biggest hassles of going to the gym to either work out or take a class is the fact that you have to lug around all the stuff you’ll need for it. From spare clothes to toiletries, towels to electronics, you want a bag that can hold it all securely, without spreading the smells from your used stuff after the gym visit. LiveWell360 has a selection of the best gym bags with yoga mat holders to hold all the stuff you could want to bring! Plenty of Storage Space If you are a frequent user of the gym, you will know that transporting your gear from home to gym is a hassle when you don’t have a good quality gym bag with yoga mat holder. With a normal gym bag, you’ll find that you can get your gear to the gym, but taking it home means sweat smells start spreading, making you wish you had just thrown your dirty clothes and towels in a separate bag. These issues become moot when you choose a gym bag with yoga mat holder from LiveWell360. They all come with adjustable interior compartments to separate your clothes, and the Luxx and the Core 2.0 come with a separate pocket for extra storage. All of the designs come with interior zip pockets for extra organization, to separate your toiletries, makeup or other essentials. Additionally, one extra padded zip pocket is available for your electronics or books to keep them extra safe from the jostling and movement of the gym bag. Water bottle pockets are also a great feature for gym bags, because you always need to keep hydrated. And of course, they all come with convenient yoga mat holders. Styles Available Depending on what you need, there are multiple styles available to choose from for gym bags with yoga mat holders. Whether you are just using it for the gym and don’t have much to carry, or you are a summer adventurer and need room to store up to a week’s worth of clothing, one of these designs should be right for you. The Accel The most compact of our designs is still perfect for the standard gym visit or trip to yoga class. A highly fashionable shoulder bag, it will surely pack a punch, and is the ideal gym bag with yoga mat holder, complete with customizable compartment options, and quick release yoga mat or jacket attachment. The AccelThe Core 2.0 A medium sized gym bag with yoga mat holder, it has fabulous form and intuitive function with a sleek solution-oriented design. You’ll find it has more interior space than the Accel with a vented expandable separate pocket for your dirty items. It also features a magnetic slip pocket for your phone and a pocket for fast access items. The Core 2.0The Luxx A premium gym bag with yoga mat holder, it boasts a larger interior space for everything you could need, including a separate compartment for dirty clothes and even shoes. Ideal for the summer adventurer that may need a week’s worth of outfits, but still is great for day to day gym use. The LuxxLiveWell360 Has What You Need If you are looking for the best gym bags with yoga mat holders, look no further than LiveWell360 and visit the website today to order your gym bag today.
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