Pros of Buying a Small Gym Bag

When you head to the gym, you want a bag that’s large enough to hold all your gym equipment, yet not so big that it becomes cumbersome and a workout all on its own. Even the act of making it to the gym can require monumental effort and motivation from us. Sometimes you’re just too tired from work, or you don’t want to go early in the morning before you begin your day. Lugging around a giant, heavy bag does little to motivate us to go to the gym. If we have to struggle with just our bag, our desire to go to the gym drops severely. Thankfully, at Live well 360 there are small gym bags available for both men and women! It’s small enough to carry around with ease, yet still large enough to hold everything you would need for the day. Despite its small package, it packs a big punch!

Small Gym Bag Features:

Small gym bags are perfect for squeezing in those workouts during a busy day. Whether you want to make a quick stop before or after work, or at some point during your hectic day, you’re going to want a small gym bag to make your workout experience nice and easy. This is why you should get Live well 360’s small gym bag, The Core 2.0, which is perfect for both men and women! Some features of The Core 2.0 include:

1. Lightweight! Weighing in at only two pounds, you won’t have to worry about pulling a muscle before you even get into the gym!

2. Small, compact size! With a base width of nine inches, a height of thirteen inches, and a length of twenty-one inches, your bag is still large enough to fit all your workout needs!

3. Made of durable materials! Crafted from lightweight top-grade nylon, your bag is sturdy enough to haul around your necessities. These small gym bags are also water and odor resistant, so you won’t have to worry about your sweaty clothes or gym shoes stinking up your whole bag. The interior is lined and features a modern heather grey poly-liner. The bag straps are as strong as seatbelts, providing extra strength and durability.

4. Spacious interior and large pockets! Your personal items will remain neat and organized with the numerous zip pockets within this bag, in addition to the vented, expandable pockets that keep odors to a minimum.

5. Easy to clean! All you need is a damp, cold cloth to wipe away any residue or excess dirt. If you need to spot clean the bag, only use water or a mild soap; but make sure you test a small area of your small gym bag with the soap first before you use it all over!

Versatility and Style Collide:

These small gym bag don’t need to be exclusively used for workouts; they can also be used for a variety of purposes. Are you looking for the perfect carry-on? Or maybe a small bag for school? With its external water bottle pocket, magnetic slip for your phone, and space to house a fifteen-inch laptop or tablet (due to the interior padded laptop pocket), your small gym bag is perfect for any situation.

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