The Perfect Gym Bag for Women

Everyone works out differently but regardless of whether you are hitting the gym, studio, or pool, you need a bag for all your gear. Just like workouts, gym bags function very differently from one another.

Here are two things you need to consider when searching for the best gym bags for women.

1. Material

When it comes to gym bags for women, style preference definitely has an impact on the type of bag you prefer, but so does your preferred workout. Leather, canvas, and nylon are three of the main materials used in the construction of gym bags, however, they all serve different purposes.

Nylon bags are great for swimmers because they are sleek, waterproof, and durable. A nylon gym bag can also work great for travelers because it can handle all types of terrain and activity levels.

Canvas also makes a great travelling bag, especially for avid hikers, because of how heavy-duty the material is. If you are walking long-distances, avoid leather gym bags as they are often heavier. Leather is much more suitable for the gym because it can withstand a little wear and tear.

2. Design

Once you have found a few bag options in your preferred material, it is time to narrow down the options by considering the design. When shopping for gym bags for women, you need to consider the amount of gym gear you need. We’re talking more than a water bottle, headphones, shoes, and a change of clothes.

Do you bring your own workout gear like a yoga mat? Do you have to prepare for a day at the office after your workout? Do you need your hair straightener and shower supplies? All of this impacts the design of your gym bag.

gym bag for woman

1. The Backpack: Are you on the go a lot? Maybe you are rushing from the office, or classroom, to an event and need to squeeze in a workout. Backpacks are great for people who have a lot of gear, not just gym-related, but need to be mobile and organized.

Not only is a backpack a great gym bag for women who rely on public transportation or their bike, but it’s also perfect for people who rotate outdoor activities into their traditional fitness routines. Take a hike with ease!

2. The Tote: Totes are the perfect gym bag for women who have lighter loads to carry to the gym and shorter routes to get there. And you can still stay super organized with a tote! It’s also a great option if you have a busy schedules.

Women’s gym totes are super versatile and come in a wide range of materials so your outfit never has to clash. Head straight to brunch after spin with total style and ease.

3. The Duffle: When it comes to gym bags for women, duffle bags mean serious business. Fit all of your gym gear and more without ever breaking a sweat.

Duffles are an especially great option if you are frequently commuting from the gym to the airport, and need your bag to do a double.

Duffles are large and sturdy, and often feature removable straps and tons of extra space for your shoes and clothes.

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