Yoga Mat Bags - They Are Funky and Practical

Whether you are an amateur yogi, or an avid fitness buff that uses yoga to warm up or cool down, investing in a great gym bag of quality materials with a yoga mat strap is a great way to carry everything you need for your meditations or exercises. A yoga mat bag is a very practical way to carry your yoga mat that protects it from damage, while being able to carry it rolled up, and saves you from risking it getting dirty or left behind. The yoga mat bags available from online store such as LiveWell 360, offer bags with lots of space, some with multiple compartments, and made with materials that are water and odor resistant.

Protecting Your Yoga Mat

The main reason you would get a yoga mat bag is to protect your mat from damage as you are travelling, whether it’s to and from the gym, or hiking to your favorite meditation spot, or even on a business trip. Whether you have your own vehicle and are throwing your gym bag in the trunk, using public transit, or even airplanes, a yoga mat bag with a good quality strap to hold your mat will protect it from being bent improperly, improving its longevity.

Lots of Space

Yoga mat bags come in a variety of sizes depending on how much you want to carry around with you, whether you are using it for a quick trip to the park, a workout at the gym, or going on a week-long business trip across the country. You’ll need space in your gym bag for your yoga mat, normally as a strap on the side, but also for towels, shoes, spare clothes, water bottles, electronics, toiletries; and you’ll want them properly separated as needed. Most quality gym bags have at least compartments to separate your sweaty clothing after a workout, but some of the larger ones will also have separate compartment for your shoes, or padded compartments to ensure your cell phone, tablet, eBook, or laptop are properly protected. Having exterior pockets for quick access essentials can also make travelling less of a burden, and speed up trips through airports.

Keeping Hygienic

The great thing about a good quality yoga mat bag, like the ones offered from liveWell360, is that the materials are made out of high quality (ballistic nylon) fabric, which is durable and easy to keep clean. With just a damp cold cloth you will be able to keep your bag clean and hygienic for years. In the case of more soiled spots, you can spot clean with mild soap and warm water (although always test the soap on a small non-visible spot to ensure the soap won’t stain). Most yoga mat bags are going to be water resistant and odor resistant, but of course that doesn’t mean you can leave your sweaty clothing in there for weeks, so always take proper care of your bag.

Portable Convenience

The portability of a well-designed yoga mat bag means you can carry around your yoga mat whenever you need it and it will be safely and conveniently secured to your bag. You can get bag designs with a handle, a high quality shoulder strap, or even a backpack style for your adventuring on the trails. The bags are stylish, so you can use them for gym, yoga classes, outdoor trips, or even just for your day to day work commute or business trips.

High Quality Yoga Mat Bags That Are Funky and Practical

If you are looking for high quality yoga mat bags to carry around your essentials and your yoga mat, visit LiveWell360 for a great selection of stylish yoga mat bags.

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