• Meet The Team

    Our Team Embodies The Qualities Of True Leaders Within Their Fields And Within Their Communities. Each Member Carries A Deep Passion And An Insane Work Ethic That Has Elevated Him/Her To Success In Their Lives. #LIVEWELL360



New York, NY

Katherine is an IFBB Bikini Pro who has placed in the top ten in all of her competitions. Her passion for promoting a fit and healthy lifestyle also extends into her professional career. She’s is a Registered Nurse who is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Nurse Anesthesia. In addition to motivating and inspiring others through social media, Katherine is dedicated to demonstrating how it’s possible to balance a healthy, fit lifestyle with a busy and demanding full-time career.


New York, NY

Mike is a former collegiate athlete who got started in the gym over fifteen years ago. Since then, he’s continued to pursue his passion for fitness by going on to become a Certified Personal Trainer and is currently serving as a police officer for New York City. In addition to helping and motivating his followers (including first responders) to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle, Mike is FULL of personality and loves breaking the stereotypes; just check out his Instagram.


New York, NY

Chris is a former collegiate lacrosse star-turned-fitness model who has been a fierce competitor his entire life. In addition to modeling, Chris is an avid yogi and he plans to become a Certified Personal Trainer. He’s also one of the most positive people you will ever meet. His motto? “Life’s too short to not live it well” (no pun intended). Chris hopes to inspire others through his work ethic, positive energy, and blossoming modeling career.


Los Angeles, CA

John Romaniello is a fitness writer, trainer and the founder of Roman Fitness Systems, an online coaching based in NYC. In addition to writing for every major fitness magazine and website around, Roman is the author of a popular fitness blog and several best-selling programs. He is also on of the authors of the soon to be released Engineering the Alpha: A Real World Guide to an Unreal Life, which is to be published by HarperOne.


Minneapolis, MN

Former editorial director of fitness content for Experience Life magazine, Jen Sinkler spent the past decade covering the best training methodologies the fitness industry has to offer. She now talks fitness, food, happy life and general health topics at her website, Thrive with Jen Sinkler, and writes for a variety of national health magazines.


New York, NY

Amanda Russell is a top-rated fitness and lifestyle writer, professional keynote speaker, Olympic-trained athlete, model, spokeswoman, founder of FitStrongandSexy.com and one of the industry’s leading experts in fitness, wellness and change. Amanda hosts and executive produces the online web Fitness series: Fit Strong and Sexy.


Los Angeles, CA

Neghar Fonooni is a fitness coach, presenter and blogger on the East coast via Los Angeles. She is the founder of Eat, Lift and be Happy-a blog and online business that educates and inspires readers to find their best possible nutrition, fitness and lifestyle strategies.

Neghar is also a co-founder of Girls Gone Strong, the Women’s Fitness Authority, a SHAPE magazine blogger and a member of the schwarzenegger.com fitness advisory board.


New York, NY

Chef Dean Sheremet has never found himself far from the kitchen. Raised by his grandmother, a professional pastry chef in Detroit, he baked his first cake by the age of 7. In an effort to further curb his hyperactivity she also enrolled him in his first dance class where it was instantly apparent that he had a natural talent for entertaining.


Integrated fitness and wellness expert, yoga devotee, author and Pilates master teacher, Jennifer Kries, is an internationally renowned mind-body-spirit innovator. The first to bring Pilates, and The Method, the groundbreaking synthesis of Pilates, Yoga and Dance to a mass audience, she has revolutionized the fitness community and started the explosive wave of enthusiasm for Pilates and mind/body exercise.