Live Well 360 Fitness Bags In Equinox Gyms

We are proud to announce that this week Live Well 360 fitness bags can be found at Equinox gym locations across the country! Including locations across NewYork, Chicago, Florida, and California! This is a BIG step for us in getting out there and reaching more people that are serious about their fitness gear. We’ve done trunk shows at Equinox gym locations across Southern California in the past, but being carried in their retail shops is something we’ve been working on since we first launched the Core back in 2010. Equinox gyms are the perfect locations for our fitness bags, mostly because many of you workout at Equinox or similar gyms. A while back when we asked our newsletter subscribers what retail shops we should be in, Equinox and Lifetime Fitness were the two biggest suggestions. If you are a member of any of these locations or live/work nearby, stop in and tell the retail shop manager what you think of our fitness bags if you have one. Show them to a fitness friend that might like them… or snap a pic of the bags too if you can and post it to our Facebook page. icon wink Live Well 360 Fitness Bags In Equinox Gyms Thank you, as always, for your support in helping us grow our seedling of an idea into a brand that is making the lifestyle of fitness more fun and more awesome. Any other ideas of gyms, yoga studios, or retail shops that Live Well 360 Athletic Bags should be in? Let us know in the comment section below.


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