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10 Ways the Right Fitness Bag Helps Maximize Your Performance

Organization is key especially when you’re trying to start off the New Year successfully. A huge part of an organization and being successful in the gym is making sure you have all your stuff ready to go and with you at all times. A big part of that is making sure you have a fitness bag to store all things fitness and health. LiveWell360 has an assortment of different fitness bags to help you crush all your 2019 fitness goals! Let’s dive into the top 10 reasons why having a fitness bag sets you up for success.

1. Believe it or not, bags can motivate you!

It helps you to go to the gym after work, because you’re already ready to go and don’t have the excuse of going home first. If you have all your stuff with you at work, you are less likely to opt out of the gym.

Instead, you can go straight to the gym and be ready with all your workout clothes, and even protein powder! This way anytime you are in the mood to workout you always are prepared.

2. You can pack your nutritional supplements

You can bring your nutritional supplements wherever you go and your protein powder. The biggest part of succeeding at any fitness goal is nutrition. So if you’re able to bring your own food it will make life way easier, and it will help you stay on track. Having the right fitness bag with compartments for everything you need, helps you eat healthier.

If you are able to pack food in your bag, then you never have a reason to eat junk food out! It can also help hold your water bottles and any vitamins or protein you may need.

3. A proper fitness bag helps you keep your work and fitness lives together but apart when they have to be!

We all know that one person who just throws their stuff in the back of the car and never cleans it out. Having the right fitness bag with you will help you stay organized which in turn will help you perform better.

If you have everything organized in a bag, then you don’t waste any time trying to figure out where you put it as well as, helps you stay on track.

4. You save time!

Another huge reason the right fitness bag will help you maximize performance is how much time it can actually save you. If you have the right fitness bag that has all the compartments needed, you will save so much time because you will have everything you need right in your pocket.

Instead of having to go get food out you can bring it with you to work in your fitness bag. If don't have the right bag, you may be spending time going home to find workout clothes and drive back to the gym you can save by just carrying them in your bag.

5. It helps with meal prep

The other great thing about a good fitness bag is it can help store not only your clothes, but also meal prep for the day, especially when you come home from work after a busy 9-5.

Meal prepping is a huge component for performing well in the gym, as nutrition really is important. If you have a good, sturdy fitness bag that has space then you are able to pack everything you may need for the day including your meals.

6. You can have your yoga mat with you at all times

Are you a yogi? Then you will be able to carry your yoga mat wherever you go, no excuses! The great thing about having a fitness bag that is right for you like the LUXX bag, it allows for you to have your mat with you!

You honestly to not have to carry all your things separately but have one bag that carries your yoga mat, workout clothes, and meal prep is ideal. You will always be ready to do some yoga or even do a workout with your yoga mat. This bag sets you up for success with your fitness goals!

7. The right fitness bag keeps your dirty clothes separate from your clean ones

Our LUXX bag features a shoe and dirty cloth compartment, which can help maximize performance because then you won’t have to worry about where to put your dirty laundry. Especially after a long workout the last thing you want to do is have to figure out where you are going to put your smelly shoes, and dirty clothes. The Luxx bag features a compartment just for that! It’s perfect to help you perform better keeping the rest of your clothing clean and smelling great until you can get home to wash your clothes.

8. The right fitness bag helps your posture

The right fitness bag can helps you stand up straight and maintain proper posture. Instead of carrying a bag that maybe doesn’t help with your back, why not find one that is the perfect size and shape for you that will help you stand up straight?

There are so many different types of fitness bags out there, but making sure to find one that is either cross body, rests on your shoulder, or even a backpack will help you stand up tall. If your weight is evenly disrupted than you won’t have to worry about one shoulder being higher than the other, and we all know there’s no way we will perform our best with a pinched nerve or elevated shoulder.

9. You’re stylish and setting trends

The right fitness bag can even put you ahead of the fitness trends! Who doesn’t want to be leading the workout trends at their gym with the most amazing, fitness bag ever like the LUXX?

We know we do! So having the right fitness bag that is the perfect size and style for you will help you stand out and show people how stylish you can be.

10. It keeps you feeling confident

It helps you feel more confident and when you feel confident you are more likely to perform better. Having the security of a good fitness bag will help you feel like you are ready to succeed at any fitness goal or challenge. It will allow for you to always be prepared, which will give you the certainly you may need to crush your goals.

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These are all of our top 10 tips on how to be successful and crush your goals this 2019! Our bags are great to help motivate you in and out of the gym to make sure you choose to the healthy and fit option. Having the right fitness bag can change the way you think about fitness and health. And you never know with the right bag you can change how you approach your fitness goals for 2019!​

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