5 Ways to Make Fitness Fun

5 Ways to Make Fitness Fun

In the last post, we talked about how your feelings about fitness really impact whether or not you are going to stick to a lifestyle of health and activity. So how do you kick-start or re-inspire yourself once again, if you feel like you are falling off the fitness wagon? Read on. It happens… there are days or even weeks where you realize that you have lost your zest for your fitness routine. Getting yourself to make the commitment and actually go to the gym has suddenly become an enormous task. You need a little jolt to get you inspired again. Here are 5 ways to revitalize your enthusiasm for your workout routine.

1. Revisit your fitness goals

Remind yourself again why you are doing this. We have a tendency as human beings to get caught up in the how, when in reality the “why” is far more important than the “how.“ The reason why you are doing something is what keeps you focused and gives you the clarity in order to do what you need to do. So, if you are clear on why you are doing something, it makes actually doing it a thousand times easier. Simply put, it is the why that inspires the how, or the action.

2. Return to the jungle gym

Have you ever stopped to notice how kids naturally love to run around, be active, do cartwheels, climb, jump, etc? Being active is fun to them. Where along the way did it become un-fun to do these things? The answer is, it became un-fun when we decided that our to-do list was more important than having a good time. Responsibility trumped joy. So now its time to un-trump the fun and decide that it’s time to carve out some “you time” specifically for doing an activity that is fun for you. Whether that is signing up for a yoga class two times per week, or kickboxing, joining an adult basketball team after work, or even just committing to getting some friends together at a local park and using the jungle gym equipment to create a circuit workout, think back to what you used to find fun, and figure out a way to inject that fun back into your daily life. Make fitness a game once again.

3. Friends = Fun

Speaking of getting together with friends, workouts are great alternative get-togethers rather than meeting for food or drinks. Often we get into the habit of meeting friends after work at our favorite restaurant or bar, but you could instead meet for the jungle gym fun mentioned above, or in the morning, before work for a run, or for a fun workout class at the gym. You can still chat before, after, or even between sets and have the same connection that you could while at a restaurant or bar. And as they say, friends that workout together, stay together. Ok, so maybe they don’t, but I think they should!

4. Give yourself fitness treats/gifts

Whether it is the pair of Lululemon yoga pants you’ve been dying to get, a bunch of multi-colored, fun (sexy) sports bras, a new iPod, a massage, or a stylish and FUN-ctional fitness bag, you get the idea. It feels really good to treat yourself, and have little things that make the fitness process more exciting. Splurge on some of these items, and use it as a way to take care of yourself, because if you invest in fitness tools, accessories, gear, etc then you’ll feel more likely to a) be more excited about the process, and b) feel more vested in the process.

5. Everything is more fun with music

You know the drill. You hear your favorite song come on the radio, or your iPod, and before you know it you are be-boppin in your chair. Music makes everything more fun, period. So, if you feel your fitness inspiration waning, put together a new playlist. Soon you will be dancing right through your gym routine, tapping your foot at red lights if you are running outdoors, and excited for tomorrows workout, to hear your favorite tunes once again. What types of things do you to to make fitness fun?
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