Incorporate healthy desserts into your way of eating (we do…every night) and give yourself permission to enjoy them.

Subscribe to our mailing list. We love dessert! We always have and always will, and just because we’re committed to a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean we have to give it up. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to equal a deprived lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to mean dieting and cutting out all the fun! Our motto… the Live Well 360 lifestyle… is all-inclusive, meaning you can have your cake and eat it too. You just have to be smart about it. Being “smart” about it means finding ways to nourish your body and your tastebuds. It means giving yourself what you need to feel satisfied without all the guilt attached to typical yummy treats, which tends to lead to overdoing it (read: bingefest). And the way to do that is to allow yourself healthy treats that are as good for you as they taste. Now, treats are treats. We aren’t recommending eating these yummies as the bulk of the food that you eat, but you knew that already. Moderation is the key to living a long-term healthy lifestyle, and a big part of moderation is learning healthy ways to satisfy your cravings so that they don’t get out of control. Don’t deprive yourself of sweets if you love them, because that just sets up an unhealthy relationship with food. Pick and choose your favorites from these 63 amazing healthy dessert recipes, try them out, and enjoy them knowing you’re doing something good for yourself (mentally and physically)! Incorporate healthy desserts into your way of eating (we do…every night) and give yourself permission to enjoy them. Dessert isn’t the devil, deprivation is! “Dessert isn’t the devil, deprivation is!” – Click To Tweet Be sure to bookmark this page or pin it to your Pinterest board too for future reference! Click on the photos for full recipes. Exclusive bonus: Download this free pdf ebook of Nutrition 101 exclusively for you by Livewell360.

Gluten-free, dairy-free, refined-sugar-free

Banana Bites Banana Cherry Garcia Soft Serve Berry Blue Berry Mango Sunrise Tarts chia-strawberry-and-raspberry-mint-popsicles chocolate-chip-paleo-cookie chocolate-glazed-doughnuts rice-krispie-energy-bites chocolate-peanut-caramel-protein-bars coconut-cashew-chia-pudding-with-strawberries frozen-raspberries-with-coconut-buttter dark-chocolate-coconut-macadamia-nut-tart double-chocolate-brownie-dough-blizzard egg-free-grain-free-plantain-donuts-with-protein-frosting apple-cinnamon-donuts Figs for Fall flourless-almond-butter-dark-chocolate-chunk-cookies frozen-banana-protein-ice-cream no-bake-german-chocolate-balls-recipe healthy-peanut-butter-bon-bons healthy-peanut-butter-cups Hippie Protein Muffins lemon-blueberry-crumble-bars lemon-meringue-pie-in-a-jar-gluten-free-and-dairy-free mango-sorbet maple-cinnamon-applesauce no-bake-pecan-blueberry-cobbler nutty-cranberry-seed-bars-with-dark-chocolate oatmeal-cookies-with-chocolate-banana-and-coconut paleo-date-squares pecan-pumpkin-pie-pudding breakfast-cookies pumpkin-pie-smoothie raw-almond-butter-cups Blondes in the Raw raw-cake-pops raw-thin-mint-peppermint-patties red-white-blue-smoothie-vegan Spicy-Krispy-Treats strawberry-orange-muffins strawberry-lime-granita sweet-potato-anytime-cookies TAHINI MILKSHAKE vegan-rhubarb-cheesecake whole-lemon-pistachio-cake zucchini-brownies healthy-peach-pie apple-cashew-cupcakes

Healthy desserts, refined-sugar-free (but not gluten-free, dairy-free)

chocolate-peanut-butter-fudge-decadence frozen-chocolate-peanut-butter-banana-greek-yogurt-pops healthy-pop-tarts Baked Ricotta with Balsamic Cherries honey-walnut-broiled-peaches-with-cottage-cheese pumpkin-cheesecake whipped-yogurt-parfait healthy-almond-pistachio-frozen-yogurt dairy-free-avocado-chocolate-cream-pie blueberry-pie-yogurt-parfaits zucchini-brownies-no-flour-butter-sugar Carrot-and-date-cookies Chocolate Peanut Butter Layer Cake chocolate-dipped-yogurt-bites mini-banana-oat-muffins
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