Day 20: Quality Versus Quantity

As a society, we’ve become really good -- great in fact -- with action. We can squeeze a lot into one day. Yet what affect does this constant need for productivity have on the quality of our time? Have we come to a place where we value productivity over connection, both with others and with ourselves? Some might point out that having a to-do list allows us to get imporant things done efficiently, which frees us up for other important things like spending time with family, time for ourselves, etc. But I wonder... does it really? Or could it just continue to strengthen a way of thinking that promotes getting more and more and more things done in a day? For many people, it’s not uncommon to spend an entire day with one main thought in their minds – what’s next? I think this is both innate and programmed. It’s innate because we yearn for growth and challenge, yet it’s programmed because we inadvertently learn from others that our worth is something that should be proved through the value that we provide.

Making health and fitness fun

What the hell does this have to do with making fitness fun? Well, today I challenge you to take a look at your to-do list and measure the value of a task by the amount of fulfillment and connection it provides. To-do lists are awesome for productivity and don't be scared, I'm not going to suggest that you throw yours away. But realize, there will always be more to do, and THAT is part of what makes life most fun. So, take the pressure off of yourself to constantly produce. Fill your schedule with tasks that are fulfilling and teach yourself to appreciate all things that you are doing, no matter where they fall on your list. Cleaning the house takes on new meaning when you blast your favorite tunes and turn it into a dusting dance party. A full, healthy, and fit life is not about action for the sake of crossing one more thing off of the list, it’s about action for the sake of enrichment, i.e. doing something because it adds to the quality of your life. And you never know, you might be surprised at the number of things that “get done” by relaxing a bit and focusing more on connection than on checkmarks.
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