Day 24: The Shower Hug

The next time you are in the shower, wrap your arms around your own back as far as you can reach and give yourself a big hug. Squeeze tight, really mean it! The purpose of the shower hug is to take a moment to honor your body. This is your body. Yours. And it’s the only one you’ve got! It’s given you so much life, it’s been there for you through it all, and it’s here for you today -- supporting, breathing -- right in this very moment.

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I don’t know why I started the shower hug rather than the kitchen hug or the middle of the living roomhug. Maybe because the bathroom is somewhat of a private place or maybe because the hot water is extra soothing, but either way, it’s tough to describe how awesome it is to just stop and give yourself a hug. Taking time to show appreciation for your bodyhelps to release any anxiety or stress you might be carrying. It sort of resets you and clears your mind of your worries because it centers you on one of the simplest, most comforting thoughts there is. You have this moment. This journey of life wouldn’t be possible without this physical body. And by being thankful for what you have, right down to your core level (standing naked in the shower), is exactly the kind of tiny adjustment that shifts our thinking about all things and help us to truly appreciate how fantastic it is to be active and live a healthy life.
Did you try the shower hug? Let me know what you thought of it in the comment section below! Check out the entire Live Well 360 30-Day Challenge series.
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