Day 3: Water the Seeds

The Live Well 360 30-Day Challenge: Day 3 - Tapping into what really matters. Let's start to water the seeds.

The things on this list, that spark that feeling of inspiration, passion, and excitement inside of you, are things that help you to connect with that innermost part of who you are. In fact, maybe there is one thing in particular, that when you think about it, it really makes you light up inside. That thing is your beautiful secret. Watch this video to see what I mean.

Making health and fitness fun

This spark is what makes life worth living, and it’s also the reason why you want to be healthy and fit. Health and fitness becomes fun when you understand the connection to this bigger part of who you are. You want to be healthy and fit so that you are able to experience the happiness and joy that comes from accomplishing the things on your Live Well 360 List. When you want to be healthy and fit because it’s part of a bigger package, taking the time to make it a part of your life seems a lot easier. Not to mention, when you are in tune with that innermost part of who you are, your body just works better. Your digestion works better, your mind is clear, and you feel energized. You truly feel connected to life itself. Today, write down in your journal the ways that you can water the seeds of your Live Well 360 List, even if those ways are just baby steps... like closing your eyes and thinking of your beautiful secret (which really doesn't have to be a secret if you don't want it to be).
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