Why I Hate “Cheat” Days

Learn how to stop having “cheat” days and be able to eat whatever you like without worrying or beating yourself up about it.

“I can’t wait for Saturday! That’s my cheat day!” “Oh no, I never eat stuff like that, unless it’s my cheat day.”“I am dying for some ice cream, is it my cheat day yet??” Do you ever hear or say things like this? I HATE cheat days! I am sorry to say it, but I have to be honest here, I really, really, really hate when I hear people speaking like this!!!! arrrrgh! And here’s why: When you send messages to your gorgeous body (YES! YOUR BODY IS GORGEOUS!) that you need to restrict yourself sooooo much that you NEED a whole day to eat like it’s your last chance ever, or like you will never have nachos or ice cream again you are not respecting yourself; not treating your body kindly, and treating yourself (and probably eating) like crapola. You are better than that! I often have clients that come to me and want to lose 10 pounds. One of the first things I tell them is to stop judging their food! Stop saying that “this is bad” or “I was bad today” or “I cheated”. It is not empowering. It does not allow for a BIG picture view of your health and fitness. And it is soooo not sexy! I am Italian and it is in my genes to LOVE eating! I love food, I love cooking, I love going out to all of the hot restaurants and trying everything. It is a passion of mine. I can eat whatever I like but here’s the big secret: Not all of the time! I look at my diet (and my workouts too) with a BIG PICTURE view. I try to see what I have eaten as a whole for the day or the week. What workouts I have done thus far in the week, and ask myself honest questions such as: What is missing from my diet? Have I been eating lots of greens? How challenging have my workouts been? Am I feeling my best? It is so much more effective because truly nothing is off limits to me, which also means I don’t need a cheat day or cheat meal. If one evening I decide to have linguine carbonara then the next day I will amp up my greens, and maybe do a little more cardio. But I don’t feel “bad” or like I cheated. I made a choice, it’s that simple. My challenge for you is to try to take the judgment out of your food and diet and release the need to have a “cheat” day or “cheat” meals. Look at your diet and fitness with a set of LARGER and more LOVING eyes. It is more empowering and your body will respond to the LACK of judgment. Remember, you can eat what you like, just not all of the time! Doesn’t that feel better?
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