How to be Wise in Choosing a Crossfit Backpack for You

Your old school tote bag or yoga bag isn’t going to cut if for a crossfit lifestyle. Many people grab whatever bag they find laying around and stuff all their items inside, like their clothes, shoes, towel, et cetera; but what happens when you need your towel? Your bag becomes a giant mess, and the rest of your items that you may need (like your phone or earphones) get lost in the shuffle. This is why crossfit backpacks are here to save you from a gym bag headache. What Should I Look For? There are numerous characteristics you should want in your crossfit backpack. Here are some crossfit backpack characteristics that you should have on your dream crossfit backpack list: 1. Breathability. One of the most important things for any gym bag is ensuring that the bag is made out of a breathable material. Due to the sweat and other dirt or grime that can accumulate on the items in your crossfit backpack, air circulation is critical to making sure no gross microbes are growing inside your backpack. You should be keeping an eye out for a well-ventilated crossfit backpack. A well-ventilated bag should have some kind of mesh panel, and it should be made from materials that are breathable and antimicrobial. Don’t be afraid to be picky! 2. Storage. You’re going to want a bag that can hold all your necessities without being too cumbersome to lug around. This means you will want a bag with extra pockets, compartments, and separate areas to neatly organize your items and avoid a large mass in the centre of your backpack. 3. Materials. For crossfit purposes, it’s especially important that your backpack has the endurance to whether constant use and heavier items. Your backpack should be flexible, and it shouldn’t wear down from the stress of consistent usage. Don’t settle for any backpack that doesn’t meet the above criteria. You may think that a crossfit backpack with these features is difficult to find, but luckily, Live Well 360 has a crossfit backpack that meets all of the above criteria - and exceeds them. The Perfect Crossfit Backpack for You: Live Well 360’s crossfit backpack is ergonomically balanced, lightweight, with extra-padded shoulder straps to ease the burden your heavy bag may place on your shoulders. It also comes with a uniquely design main compartment with a padded laptop slip pocket, separate shoe and laundry pockets, and two exterior front compartments for quick and easy access - you won’t have to worry about losing your phone at the bottom of your bag ever again. This backpack is also made from premium ballistic nylon that can handle everyday use. Even if you don’t go to the gym every single day, you will still find a lot of use from your crossfit backpack.
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