How to Get Fit While Climbing the Corporate Ladder

Work is taking you away from healthy living? Get fit WHILE climbing that corporate ladder!

The alarm goes off at 5:45am, you slap snooze as fast as possible. After your sooo needed extra 10 minutes of sleep, you drag yourself out of bed and shuffle to take your shower. You glance in the mirror and see a smudge of makeup from yesterdays mascara and look down to see your belly looking...well, a bit softer than you’d like. Ok, a lot softer. “I have to workout” you think to yourself. You arrive at work and while feeling your pants squeezing your waist, you think “Yes, tonight I will go to the gym after work”. The day progresses and you get increasingly stressed with unforeseen surprises and last minute meetings called. Coffee for breakfast, lunch is a slice of pizza eaten at your desk. You had to have a double macchiato at 4:30pm to keep your eyes open...and then it is 7:30pm. You have put in yet another 12-hour day, and tonight you have been chosen to entertain clients and have to take them to the new hot spot. Famished, you devour the bread basket, and after 2 glasses of wine, the truffled mac and cheese seems like the best option for dinner. You arrive home at 11pm, and are utterly exhausted, bloated and frustrated.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Your personal story may be a bit different but do you wonder: How the heck am I supposed to find the time to work out and get fit, let alone do anything else for me, while juggling the demands of my career and life? I hear this so often from my clients that I coach, that have extremely successful careers and are totally stressed out. As they move up the corporate ladder and are fighting to stay on top, they often start seeing their waist get wider, their energy level drop, and their weight get heavier year after year, all while their level of frustration is raising higher daily. So what’s the magic solution? Where do you find the time?

Are you ready to hear the BIG JUICY SECRET?

You are the source of time! That may seem weird or strange, but think about it... When you spend an hour with someone you love, it may seem like 5 minutes, yet while 5 minutes with an annoying co-worker can feel like a lifetime. Let me put another way, we always find time for the things that truly matter to us AND what we value. If you have a child or a pet, you always “find the time” to feed it don’t you? To make sure its needs are met and it is something you don’t worry or stress about. It’s non-negotiable. So why is it so difficult to treat YOURSELF with that same level of care and attention? When something is NON-NEGOTIABLE, the time is there for you. Guaranteed.

How do you make fitness a non-negotiable item for you?

You have to get extra super clear on why you want to be healthy, fit, confident, sexy, and yes...I’m going to say it, LOVE your body. Once you have this driving force clear, it has to be non-negotiable for you. You don’t show up at the office when you “feel like it”, do you? No! You show up because it is non-negotiable. You don’t even think about it, you just do it...Nike style! If fitness and wellness or losing those last few pounds are your goal, here are the simple (and not easy at first, but I promise will get easier with time) steps so that you have a life and a body you LOVE.

4 Steps To Getting the Life and Body You LOVE

1. What is your WHY? Why do you want this? What will it give you? What is your driving force? Flush this out with great detail! 2. Get CLEAR! Set your parameters on what “being fit” looks like. Does it mean you work out daily for 45 minutes, or are you happy with 3 times a week for an hour? Create a CLEAR goal that you can measure 3. AND... ACTION! Don’t believe the hype that there is one way or one “method” that will get you there. I have been a trainer and coach for nearly 15 years...there is no ONE path! Everybody is different, as is their metabolism, genetics and gender just to name a few of the factors. You MUST move your butt, to have a hot butt! Ya gotta shake your rump to have a body you love. The specifics are up to you, but movement is a must! 4. RINSE AND REPEAT. This is the step many wish were different, but I am here to tell you...the secret is consistency. You have to stick to your program, whatever that is, and keep challenging yourself. This is how you see results. Not when you work out for a week or two and then get pissed because “it’s not working”. Consistency is the key! When you want something badly enough, when the result and payoff is so good, VIOLA! You have found the time! Are you ready to finally lose the last ten pounds, ditch dieting forever, and finally have your body be as amazing as the rest of your life? xoxo Tracy
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