How to Stop Overeating Once and For All

How to Stop Overeating Once and For All

Today I want to share with you 3 game-changing tips that allowed me to stop overeating once and for all and maintain my leanest body-weight to date.

You might think that enjoyment of food is completely separate than the process of fueling your body with nutrients and that it serves no metabolic function. You might also think that the enjoyment of food is what causes you to overeat. Neither of these things are true. The truth is, the enjoyment of food is an integral part of a naturally controlled appetite. It’s what produces a feeling of satisfaction, giving you the signal that you are full and can stop eating. The problem is that most people don’t allow themselves to enjoy their food, either by rushing through meals, feeling guilty about what they are eating, or eating fake low-quality foods that, whether they admit it or not, are not very satisfying. When you aren’t getting the satisfaction from food that your body is searching for, you just keep eating and eating. That’s a big part of what causes overeating. You don’t have a willpower problem you have a lack of enjoyment problem. So, there are 3 things you can do in order to start enjoying your food more. before-after-weight-loss-sheila-300x225And these are the 3 things that I have learned over time and have allowed me to maintain my dream body without even trying anymore.

1) Slow down when you eat

Pay attention to what you are eating. Don’t multitask or mindlessly eat while doing other things like watching TV. Make your meal the main event.

2) Eat high-quality foods

Don’t settle for fake foods that leave you feeling deprived. And don’t be afraid to eat small portions of high-quality foods with full-fat, full-calorie ingredients. If you are going to eat chocolate, get the best quality chocolate you can find and just eat a small square. Look at the ingredients list, there should only be a few. If you are going to eat chips, get the highest quality chips that you can find, sit down with a single serving and eat them while enjoying it. I vividly remember, back when I was yo-yo dieting, sitting down in front of the TV with a bag of BBQ Baked Lays or a tray of fat-free Entenmann’s Coffee Cake and before I knew it, half the bag or tray was gone and I was still hungry!

3) Don’t make food moralistic

Meaning that you don’t make good food and bad food lists. It’s not the sugar, oil, fat, or salt that is the problem. It’s when you eat enormous quantities of those things that is the problem. And you eat enormous quantities when you don’t feel satisfied and you aren’t paying attention to what you’re eating. Remember, even water can be bad for you in enormous quantities. Stop the mental games with food and don’t set yourself up for feelings of guilt by telling yourself its bad to eat something because then if you do eat it, you end up feeling like a failure. Tell yourself that you can eat all foods, you just choose to fill the majority of your diet with high-quality whole foods, meaning foods that are preservative-free and unprocessed. So those are my three tips for how to stop overeating for good. Which one of these three tips resonates most with you?
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