Part of This Complete Breakfast

Part of This Complete Breakfast

A complete breakfast used to consist of a bowl of cereal with a side of toast with butter, orange juice, and fruit. Here's our NEW healthy breakfast ideas.

Do you remember the breakfast cereal commercials where they’d show a bowl of cereal with a side of toast with butter, orange juice, and fruit? Ha! Did anyone really eat that for breakfast? Immediately upon typing that, I remember that there was a time when it wouldn’t have been out of the question for me to eat half a box of Lucky Charms in one sitting. Oh yes. I'm talking the giant, family size box too. It’s funny to think back on some of the things we used to eat, especially for breakfast. Ryan recalls the time when his cousin taught him the art of using a mixing bowl as a cereal bowl instead of a normal size bowl. Or, how it was normal to sit down to a bowl of Corn Flakes or Rice Krispies and cover it in a layer of sugar… and then drinking the thick sugar-milk when I was all done. For a little while I switched over to Carnation Instant Breakfast because I felt that was a healthier option. Breakfasts of champions, indeed. Ha!

So what’s a complete breakfast now?

People often ask us for meal plan examples for what would be considered healthy options, and we are sometimes apprehensive to post examples because what is best for one person might not be best for another. So we thought that it might be cool to share some of our favorite breakfast ideas in hopes that you might share some of your favorites as well in the comment section below. We’d have a smorgasbord of options!

Healthy (for us) breakfast ideas

Most days, we have some combo of protein, fat, and carbs for breakfast. Our basic, staple breakfast is often: 1 egg plus egg whites (baked in a ramekin, in a water bath) with Cholula*; oatmeal made with banana, cinnamon, and stevia; coffee with a tablespoon of raw whole milk * Ryan also has two slices of bacon We have many variations of this, like:
  • Less or no eggs, plus additional oatmeal mix-ins from our 30-Day Oatmeal Challenge
  • Blueberry banana Kodiak pancakes with a side of egg whites or bacon
  • Egg plus egg whites omelette, with veggies and sometimes parmesan; a slice of Ryan’s homemade whole wheat bread** with raw butter
  • Breakfast casserole with a slice of Ryan’s homemade whole wheat bread with raw butter
  • Protein pancakes with a side of bacon
  • Protein smoothie
** This seedy whole wheat loaf is a great recipe, although Ryan has been making it a different way that results in a different texture and deeper flavor. Hopefully I’ll get him to post the recipe soon--it is life-changing (for me).

What’s going to help me to feel satisfied, clear-minded, and full of energy?

With this style of eating, we both feel satisfied, clear minded, and full of energy. In fact, we plan our meals around that very question. And, the kicker is that we also feel like we’re the healthiestand fittest that we’ve even been… and we don’t even feel deprived. Who knew it was possible?!

Some related side-topics

Sometimes we workout before breakfast, sometimes later in the day—it just depends on how we are feeling and what the schedule is for the day. We’ve both really enjoy raw milk products. They taste even better than the pasteurized versions! There are studies that show that raw milk helps your body build up the enzymes to be able to digest all dairy better (even the pasteurized kind). We’ve noticed this since we switched over to raw milk and raw butter, although these improvements could be due to a few other changes beyond just the raw milk. We tend to pay less attention to research (which seems to show different results by day) and more attention to what we notice our bodies telling us. Either way, we love it. This is the kind we buy. The two of us like many of the same things, however there are certain variables that we try to honor. For instance, Ryan is very much an egg and bacon guy. I’m ok skipping these at times, for other items like peanut butter, protein powder, or yogurt. I really enjoy oatmeal, whereas he’d sometimes like to skip it and have an egg sandwich instead. Sometimes one of us will be feeling flexible on what we want to eat, so one will compromise and eat what the other really wants, other times we just individually eat what sounds good that day. So with that, we’d love to hear from you.
  • What’s your favorite breakfast?
  • What foods do you notice give you the most satisfaction, clarity, and energy?
  • What topics would like to hear more from us about?
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