Recap of What We Know About Health and Fitness and How You Might Be Sabotaging Yourself

Recap of What We Know About Health and Fitness and How You Might Be Sabotaging Yourself

Let’s take some time today to do a quick recap of some of the things that we, health and fitness enthusiasts, already know.
  1. Eat a variety of whole, colorful foods.
  2. Drink lots of water.
  3. Make the majority of your meals at home.
  4. Plan ahead and bring food with you.
  5. Move around throughout the day.
  6. Stretch daily.
  7. Challenge yourself physically.
  8. Listen to your body.
Right, so these are the things that we hear over and over, again and again. Whether we choose to do them or not, this stuff we know. So, then wait, if we know this, then that makes some other things sort of clear as well. Let’s take these 3 points from the list, and examine them a bit further:
  • Eat a variety of whole, colorful foods.
  • Make the majority of your meals at home.
  • Listen to your body.
If you are shopping the exterior of the grocery store, i.e. produce, the meat and fish counter, the egg and dairy refrigerated case, or at the farmers market and eating primarily whole food meals that you make at home, then that means:
  1. You really aren’t eating that many packaged foods.
  2. You know everything that is going into the food that you eat.
  3. And since you understand proper portions and you probably aren’t using heaping spoonfuls of salt or putting in any ingredients with names that you can’t pronounce… then you don’t need to be afraid of eating the wrong things and you don’t need to be scared of sodium, fat, preservatives, etc.
In fact, you can feel pretty good about what you eat and know that you are doing great things for your body and your long-term health. And further, if you know all of this stuff already, then that means that you don’t need to research and read every article that is put in front of your face related to what to eat. You can actually give yourself a break, and start spending less time reading the latest data, and spend more time experimenting and finding out first-hand what is true for you rather than some group of people you don’t even know, who may or may not be anything like you. Eating healthy is pretty basic, and sometimes for the sake of having something to talk about… the media makes it seem much more difficult than it really is. If you’re reading this and you’re thinking, “I know some of this stuff, but I don’t feel confident enough yet to go at it on my own,” then find a trusted source or two or three, read what they have to say, and then put the book down and make some decisions for yourself on the best plan for you. It’s great to be educated, but sometimes education can go too far and get you way more confused than focused. Listen, you’re not going to mess it up. In fact, the only way to really learn what works for you is to just do something and then pay attention and then keep doing it if it gets you the results you want, or do something else. That leads to our next point.

Your stress level and your beliefs are far more powerful than the actual food that you eat or exercise that you perform.

We’re sure you’ve heard of the placebo effect. It’s the perfect example of how the mind is far more powerful than we give it credit for. If we believe something, then the odds are pretty good that we are going to experience things that match up with our belief. So before you start swearing off dairy, gluten, peanuts, and so on… think about this. It’s interesting how there’s always a new thing to avoid or be scared of that “experts” are saying is the culprit for digestive issues or health issues in general. It was fat, then it was carbs… there have also been peanut allergies, then dairy allergies, and now gluten allergies and we’re not saying that these allergies are false, we’re just saying that sometimes when something is painted to be “true” in the media and it gets a lot of attention, it’s easy to fall prey to thinking that must be true for you too. Wouldn’t it be interesting if at some point science takes a step back and says:
Hey, wait a minute, there’s something that we may not be factoring into all this research and data… stress. The vast majority of society is stressing and worrying and busy and not really listening to their body—just pushing their body to go go go. What if it’s not the food that is causing these issues? What if it’s the underlying stress that is showing up physically or as an allergy right now, but with proper care, rest, and stress reductions… these symptoms would go away on their own?
Interesting idea… “Like” this post if you want to hear more on this topic and let us know your thoughts below!
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