The Locker Room Situation You Should Never Have To Face

But for some people that’s not enough. Some people are looking for more than just a bag to throw things in. They want a bag that is going to make their day easier. They want to know that somebody put a lot of thought into it on their behalf and provides solutions for things they didn’t even know they needed until they experienced the solution for themselves. Those people want a bag that is remarkable.
“Our goal is to make the best devices in the world, not to be the biggest.” – Steve Jobs

A day that I clearly remember

Half asleep I stumble into the locker room. Whew, I made it. That was half the battle. At 6AM you can’t really expect much more from yourself can you? Bonus points for the fact that I am wearing matching gym socks. I put my duffel bag in my locker and head out to the gym for my sweat session—oh the days of Leigh Peele and her circuits! Fifty minutes later, I wobble back into the locker room after I finish up my workout and head back to my bench. It’s clearly my bench after all because I’ve claimed this as my territory during the wee hours of 6-7:45AM, Monday through Friday, so I can sufficiently spread my workout gear, shoes, and towel from here to far… an important part of my morning getting ready routine. Anyway, I get my duffel bag out of the locker and unzip it to find shampoo. All. Over. The inside of my bag! Nice. Somehow the bottle ended up in the bottom of the bag, got squished, and oozed all over everything from my make-up case to my lacy underoos. I start to take my precious girly things out one-by-one to clean them off and I find my favorite necklace balled up in a sailors knot and tangled around my car keys in another corner of the bottom of the bag. Sigh. Ok, so this means the day can only get better from here, right? I pull out my corporate-girl-ladder-climbing-power-shoes to find that apparently the last time I wore them I had stepped in some mud, which is now—in addition to the shampoo—all over my neatly folded black pants.


I haven’t even mentioned the fact that the zipper on this bag was on its last leg and a few areas of the plasticy-nylon exterior, right next to the giant logo across the front of the bag, are wearing away. Who designs these things?! Yes, that’s right. I am now having a conversation with myself… on my bench… in the corner of the locker room, at seven o’clock in the morning. Did anybody design this thing? Where are the pockets? What’s with this zipper? Okay, granted I got this duffel bag on sale at REI a few months ago, but seriously I thought to myself… I would love a gym bag that was designed with thought and innovation... one that would prevent a morning like this! There’s got to be a better way.
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