Review of The Metabolic Repair Manual by Leigh Peele

The Metabolic Repair Manual When I initially began training with Leigh several years ago, the very first thing she did was put me on a program abiding by the fundamentals of The Metabolic Repair Manual (MRM). I had been eating too little, working out too much, and hadn't had a training break in over a year. Looking back, I can see now that I was literally sabotaging my own fat loss. I began learning the principles of the MRM as I progressed on my fat loss journey, but when the book was released I wanted to purchase it anyway, to have as a reference and... I read it from cover to cover in two days. This is my full review of the book. Name: The Metabolic Repair Manual (now replaced with “Starve Mode”) Author: Leigh Peele URL: Purpose: To repair years of metabolic damage and end a life of yo-yo dieting. The fundamental principles of the Metabolic Repair Manual are these - once you are finished with the step-by-step plan provided in the book, you will essentially be able to eat more food, burn more calories, while maintaining your ideal weight. You will no longer battle with the yo-yo dieting of the past. The principles that Leigh teaches in the MRM are based on thousands of studies, books, and client case studies that she herself conducted. In addition to that, Leigh has worked extensively with individuals suffering from anorexia, so she knows firsthand from experience what it takes to rebuild the metabolism. Leigh's approach in the book is very no-nonsense, and she gives the facts straight. I mentioned my next point in my review of the Fat Loss Troubleshoot as well. In order to truly "recover" from a life of roller coaster dieting and overtraining, I believe it is so crucial to understand how you got into this mess in the first place. The Metabolic Repair Manual goes into detail on the what and why's of how your metabolism got to the screwed up place that it currently is and tells you exactly how each step is bringing you closer to lifelong recovery. I really liked reading about her various case clients (i.e. real people) who have already traveled this sometimes rough road to fat loss and succeeded. These are the kind of stories that prove that its possible after years and years of abusing your body (and metabolism), it IS possible to fix it once and for all... and fairly simply too. Is This Book Right For You? I think in order to answer this question, you need to answer the following questions first.
  • Has it been a really long time since I took a rest week from working out?
  • Am I FEARFUL of taking a rest week from working out?
  • Do I eat very little yet not see the results I am looking for?
  • Do I know that I need to raise my calories, but am scared because I don't want to gain weight by doing that?
  • Have I been to the doctor recently because I think I must have a thyroid issue, since I can't lose weight?
  • Do I find myself scouring the internet, looking for ways to lose fat and/or figure out what I am doing wrong?
  • Am I consistently avoiding carbohydrates or fat because I believe they will make me gain fat?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, this book is for you. Now, I will say, this book is for individuals who are ready to step up to the plate. The process will not be easy, and it will take some effort on your end to gather data so that you can analyze your current metabolic level. BUT if you have the patience and the determination to follow the steps, it will work. What Will You Learn? Before even getting into the step-by-step repair process, the book goes into great detail on the body as a system. One big take away, at least for me, was that it is shocking how big of an impact hormone balance truly has on fat loss. Our body is a system, and everything affects everything. The book goes into extensive detail on how to maximize fat loss by controlling and balancing the body as a system. Some example learning's from the book are:
  • How to reset your metabolism without gaining weight in the process.
  • What the metabolism is exactly, and how it works.
  • Why you actually want your stall in fat loss to be your fault.
  • All about metabolic diseases.
  • How the thyroid affects metabolism.
  • How you hormones play a significant role in metabolic function.
  • How the body reacts to stress.
  • About the process of digestion, specific digestive issues and how to troubleshoot them, and the role of enzymes.
  • About the importance of fluid balance and how this affects the system as a whole.
  • How to figure out what metabolic level you are currently at (i.e. how messed up your metabolism really is).
  • The 6 stage R.E.P.A.I.R. program, detailing precisely how to get from metabolic despair to metabolic freedom in 8 weeks, which includes specifics on both nutrition and training.
  • The art of re-feeding.
  • 15 foods to eat if you have digestive problems/intolerances.
My Favorite Aspect I think that if I had to pick one thing that really stood out to me, and is also one of the reasons I respect Leigh, as a professional most, is that in the intro of the book she talks about how at first she struggled with focusing on the fastest way to reboot a metabolism versus the best way. The fastest equates to the use of prescription medication, which are already in use in many extreme cases. However, what happens when the drugs are taken away? And are we just replacing one problem for another? I am a huge advocate of going the non-drug path whenever possible. I personally see prescription medication as a Band-Aid in many cases, rather than a solution...but that is whole different blog post. I respect Leigh in the fact that she isn't trying to push medication and supplements on people. She gives basic suggestions in terms of protein powder and multi-vitamins, but in general, she is an all natural kind of gal. Final Thoughts In my opinion, this is the "everything you need to know" book on the restoration of metabolic health to date. If you are like I was at the beginning of my fat loss journey - lost, confused, frustrated, hopeless - then you need to read this book. The MRM is about fixing you once and for all, and then living life as we should - for wellness. Life shouldn't be one yo-yo diet after another, up and down, constantly focused on "dieting down." Learning the principles from MRM was my final wake up call, and I truly think that if you check it out, it could be yours too. Update: The Metabolic Repair Manual has now been replaced by Starve Mode. For more details, check out
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