What is your New Years Vision Statement?

Here we are, rockin and rollin into 2009. I have talked about “New Years Resolutions” over the past few weeks, and about how now is the time to take advantage of this new year, and turn the page so to speak, starting fresh. I touched on resolutions because well, that is what is on your mind, right? But to be honest, I myself don’t set a New Years Resolution. {Gasp!!} Instead, I write a vision statement. One sentence, explaining what I want to achieve for my life overall. Then I follow that sentence up with bulleted points that are things I am working to achieve, which coincide with that overarching vision. As new things pop up that I feel that I want to work on or change, I add them to that list. And then, as I master items from the list, I cross them off. So this list is a constant work in progress, and it is meant to be. I first began this task about six months ago, by first going through the steps that I detail out in the “Best Life Report,” which you can get (for free) by subscribing to my newsletter, over in the upper right hand corner of this page, and have taken huge leaps forward in my own personal growth because of it. I encourage you to try this out for yourself, because it really is an empowering process.

So what is my vision statement?

As I mentioned, I decided on this vision a while ago, but only recently perfected it into such a crystal clear, concise statement after reading the book, Harmonic Wealth. My bulleted list is long, and ranges in topics from physical, mental, financial, spiritual, and relational - all areas of life and wellness. Each and every bulleted point is a statement that will help me to grow, learn, teach, and so on, becoming the person that I envision myself to be. I am now reading the book, The Road Less Traveled, and in one section of the book on love, the author discusses how when an individual follows his or her true passion, over and above all of the paradigms, negativity, fear, etc that can hold one back, that is the ultimate form of self-love. Remember this statement if you find yourself wanting to read the “Best Life Report,” yet keep putting it off and putting it off. ;-) And so, this year, as the ball began to drop and Ryan Seacrest and his man (ear) muffs lead us in the countdown to 2009, I had a different feeling than in years past. My stomach was full of butterflies and I was almost giddy. 2009 is a year of great success. If you believe in numerology, you already knew this. This also became even more evident for me, when I turned on my computer these first few days of January, and saw that the page views for this site hit highs of 30,000 per day. Hello and welcome new readers!!! I feel it in my bones that this is going to be a fabulous year and I am going to tease you by saying that - oh boy do I have some exciting things for you as well...but you will have to wait a little while to find out exactly what that will be. :-) 2009 could very easily be a year of great success for youas well, but only if you choose for it to be. So, on that note, I want to hear from you. Rather than asking you to share your resolution, instead, I would love to hear what your vision is for your future. Inspire and help encourage others to go after their passion and the life that they truly wish to lead.
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