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6 Reasons Why the LUXX Is The Best Travel Bag Ever

By Tommy B. In other words, don’t leave home without it. Travel -- one of the great pleasures of life that can quickly turn into a nightmare depending on a few key factors such as plane delays, airport pickups and the ultimate disaster: Forgetting a crucial item at home. I was on my way to London when the sun had just cracked through the piercing, grey New York City clouds and that's when it hit me: My pants seem unusually light. And then the frantic search for the iPhone began, culminating in mass chaos and anxiety, almost turning around and ultimately - headed overseas without it. Now, I hope this doesn't happen to you and since then I've implemented a failsafe system to make sure that was a one and done. I've recently had the opportunity to go on multiple trips with the LUXX bag, and I have to say -- it's a rockstar for your trips and is my new favorite travel buddy. I’ll reveal 7 reasons why I’ll never travel again without it – and why you shouldn’t either.
The LUXX Bag by LIVE WELL 360 The LUXX Bag by LIVE WELL 360

Functionality At A High Level

My favorite part about the LUXX is how functional it is -- you can truly tell the attention to detail that went into creating this from a design perspective. Nothing’s missed and every time you open it, you’re reminded that there’s no shortage of space. I've never seen so many compartments in a bag -- varying in size, from the exact dimensions to slide your iPhone (unless you lost it, like me), a perfect place to put your laptop or a pair of shoes. There's no other bag on the market that is this functional, that's for sure. I experienced this firsthand when I was on a flight to Cabo and had to do the dreaded overhead compartment search – only this time I found everything quickly and effortlessly without making a mess. That’s a win for the best travel bag ever.

Built To Weather Any Storm

This thing may look nice, but it’s tough. Seriously, it's made with such high quality materials that when I first received the bag, I couldn't stop playing with it and touching the next level materials used to make it. I'm a guy; I naturally don't treat bags very well and tend to throw them around a lot. This travel bag, however -- could make it through any storm and look quite good during it. I know this thing is going to last forever and even after 3 intense trips, one which involved hiking in the desert – it looks as if I just opened it.

luxx best travel bag ever in denimLooks The Part, In Many Ways

Have you ever had a really amazing shirt that you absolutely adore, yet only find the right chance to wear it once, or at most – twice a year? Yeah, that's what happened when I had someone design a custom denim shirt last year. It arrived in the mail -- I was super excited because we handpicked every little detail of the shirt, down to the collar, the buttons and more. Then it hit me: It's denim; I'm limited as to when and how many times I can wear this. That's where the beauty and aesthetic powers of the LUXX bag come to play and ultimately, shine. I decided on the Royal Blue version as I've got so many black colored clothes that I'm 67% certified ninja -- and it makes a bold statement whether I’m headed for a weekend getaway or off to yet another fitness seminar. There's nothing like a travel bag that both plays and looks the part, and the LUXX bag will have heads turning for sure. Just another reason why it's the best travel bag out there.

luxx best travel bag everIf The Decathlon Had A Bag, This Would Be It

Fitness isn't just a part of my lifestyle, it is my lifestyle. If you’re reading this, you’re likely to resonate with that statement in some shape, way or form. On any given day, I'll be doing anything from strength training to interval training, spinning, yoga, running, hitting an awesome hike -- you name it. Being active makes me feel alive and connected. Bursts of inspiration to hit a workout happen quite randomly as well as invites from others at the spur of the movement. This bag allows me to truly be ready for anything while on the move, and never have to tell my buddies: Sorry, I didn't bring a change of clothes. Water bottle compartment? Check. Yoga mat or jacket holder straps? Check. Place to put wet, sweaty clothes? Check. Special area for an extra pair of kicks? Check. The list goes on and on and if you're an active person, this will be your new training buddy in a flash. f

Next Level Comfort

So it's durable, looks awesome, highly functional and made for you and I, the fitness person on the run -- but is it both easy to use and comfortable? You bet. I was delighted with the attention to detail on this bag in the form of comfort and the myriad of options in terms of how you hold it, carry it, strap it across your shoulder and body, etc. The shoulder strap is beyond comfortable and even with a jam-packed, heavy bag, at no point did it feel uncomfortable or as if I wanted to put it down during my recent cross country excursion.

0F5A9301It’ll Inspire You

Have you ever been inspired by a fitness bag that you can take with you anywhere? Your answer may be yes after using this one. This bag reminds me every day to stay inspired, to go after what I want and to commit to the things in life that I love. The lifestyle brand is more than just fitness bags; they're on a mission to help people achieve their fitness goals (just check out their social media channels). As a student of fitness and examining the things that fill our space, I appreciate being surrounded by positivity.

0F5A9437Last Words

So yeah, this thing is pretty cool…even my girlfriend officially has bag envy in a major way. The great news for me is I know I won’t have to invest in another bag for a very long time, if ever – due to the all the reasons listed above. As an active person on the move who appreciates style and functionality, I’m all in. Grab yours. The LUXX is the best fitness -- and best travel bag out there. You won't regret it.
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