Bags Within Bags and the Power to Partition

Bags Within Bags and the Power to Partition

The tedious task of carrying a gym bag around, for most re, odor-ridded gym bag? If so, there are some new concept options of us, is just part of life. Lugging that big, awkward, heavy, smelly piece of nylon, entering and exiting locker rooms, holding it afront – awful, isn’t it? Wouldn’t it be nice not to have to dedicate an entire bag to the ritual of the gym?

With the newly brought to market small gym bag, one has a duffle with expandable vented pockets that are perfect for storing those sweaty, contaminated clothes. There is also a shoe bag that fits inside, so you can safely store your runners without the risk of contaminating other items.

The benefits of the small gym bag for day-to-day

We have all had the kind of work day where there is a social event that happens in the evening. There might not be time to come home after the post-office workout before meeting up with friends.

Most of us would carry our gym bag to the office, store it on the floor under the desk, and hope that nobody notices it for the next eight hours. Afterwards, you attempt a quiet, discreet exit, but then that awkward guy says “hey, is that a gym bag I see?”

Then you say yes and explain that you have it because you are pressed for time; usually you go to the car to grab it, and then walk to the gym, but today you are meeting up with friends after so you have to streamline the routine.

If you had the small gym bag, this chain of stressful events could have easily been avoided. You could take the bag into the office everyday, storing your laptop and all the vocational necessities in the main compartment while storing your workout clothes in the vented side pockets.

You may even have enough room left to keep your runners there safely in the shoe bag. Just imagine the possibilities. No more taking two bags to work. No more going to the car to drop off your day bag and grab your gym one. No more anxiety about embarrassing odors or awkward conversations with people you would rather not talk to.

What makes the small gym bag wonderful for travel

Whether you are one who travels light, or one who usually checks a bag, there is always the issue of how one keeps the dirty clothes separate from the clean ones. The small gym bag offers a solution for this.

All those pairs of dirty underwear and socks can fit into the vented side pockets, keeping the rest of your wardrobe fresh and clean. Not to mention bringing some dressier shoes for that high-end sushi restaurant, and needing to keep them separate from everything else.

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