Can a Small gym bag be Carry on Luggage?

It doesn’t matter where you travel; if you watch other travelers, you’ll be amazed at how many of them struggle with expensive and awkward luggage. It’s a little silly when you think about it because their extravagant luggage will likely get scuffed, scraped and battered by the airline; provided it doesn’t get lost.

The same applies to the luggage you take on the plane, which makes us wonder if a small gym bag can be used as carry on luggage.

Most expensive luggage is sold in pairs, or 3 sizes – large, medium, and small for carry on. Why would you bother spending lots of money on items that aren’t necessary to carry your stuff from one area to the next at the airport?

It’s entirely possible to be a frugal traveler with inexpensive luggage that will last for years; that will also be easy to navigate busy city streets, hotel lobbies, and airport arrival halls.

A small gym bag is designed to hold a lot of stuff, besides essentials, which makes it very functional.

small gym weights

Below we’ll look at the reasons why your small gym bag should double as carryon luggage for your next flight.

1. Helps With Jet Lag

Using a small gym bag for your carry on can also help with jet lag. You can drop your luggage off at your hotel and head straight to the gym; or you can have a little workout in your hotel room with the bag’s contents. Not only will this help you feel better after sitting so long on the plane, it will also help you sleep better.

2. It’s Already Packed

Chances are you’ve already got your small gym bag packed with hygienic items. You can leave them in the bag for quick freshening up sessions during your flight.

3. Durability

Although your carry on will get the most use, it doesn’t go through as much risk of damage because you’re the only person handling it. But a small gym bag is not so expensive that it would break the bank if by chance it got damaged or stolen on a flight. It’s also good to point out that they’re durable, so they’re probably your best bet, especially for long flights.

4. Size Matters

What matters most with your carryon luggage is that it meets the restrictions and limitations imposed by airlines. A small gym bag will for sure fit within the size requirements. To be sure though, you should check the airline’s website to see what their measurements and weight requirements are.

5. You Know it’s Limitations

Many carry-on bags look great in the store and work well when there’s nothing in it. What’s important with carry-on luggage is that it’s handle functions properly when it’s full and it doesn’t tip over easily. You know how much your small gym bag can comfortably carry.

At LiveWell 360 you can find a small gym bag made from high quality materials that scream durability and elegance. You’re a busy person on the go who doesn’t like to waste money; so why not get the most use out of your gym bag? To see our selection of gym bags, you can visit our website.

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