Day 7: Why Does Food Taste Good?

What do you notice when you deliberately pay attention while you eat? Pay attention why your food should taste good.

Have you ever stopped to think about why a particular food or meal tastes good? Is it the texture? Or perhaps, the mix of salty and sweet? Or maybe it’s the crunch?

Slow down today and pay attention to why certain food tastes good. Don’t multitask while you eat, set your utensils down (or the food itself, in the case of a sandwich) in between bites. One of the biggest fumbles related to food is mindless eating – both in eating food and not taking the time to enjoy it, and also in eating food that you really don’t want to eat! If you are going to eat something, it should be delicious, satisfying, and fun!

Making health and fitness fun

One of the best things you could ever do for your health (and sanity) is to slow down and be present while you eat. The process of digestion is so much more than just what goes on inside your stomach and your intestines... which would also benefit from you slowing down. There is great power in paying attention to the process of eating.

Don’t just eat to eat. Commit to eating foods that not only give you energy and make you feel good, but also taste really good. Healthy food can taste good, and if your goal is to live a healthy, happy, fit life for the long-term, it’s important to choose nourishing foods that you enjoy eating. So today, and for the rest of this 30-day challenge, choose your meals deliberately and tune-in while you eat them. What do you notice when you deliberately pay attention while you eat?

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