Functional Small Gym Bags for Your Personality, Taste, and Style

When it comes to gym bags, there are literally thousands of models available across the internet. When it comes to small gym bags that suit your personality, taste, style, and needs, there are considerably fewer. We took the time to go through our favorite small gym bags to give you a list of why they may work for you. Here are our top choices presented in no particular order.

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The Tote: a new spin on the classic

The Tote is a conventional small gym bag with an unconventional twist: looking like your simple tote bag that’s meant for the grocery store but holding so much more. In addition to the large pocket that makes up the bulk of this bag, there are also a few other pockets that can help you stay easily organized.

One of the two slip pockets inside are perfect for a pair of shoes, whether that’s your gym shoes or a pair for after your workout.

There’s also a fleece-lined pocket on the outside for anything that needs some extra care, including your glasses or jewelry. If you want a small gym bag that’s great for the gym and grocery store, The Tote may be exactly what you need.

The Robyn: built for lasting convenience

The Robyn is often billed as “the ultimate companion” because it can be added to another bag or used on its own.

This beautiful small gym bag is lightweight, weighing in at only half a pound, and made from tough ballistic nylon that can hold up against the toughest of circumstances.

This material is also incredibly easy to clean: all you have to do is wipe with a damp cloth.

Coupled with its stain and odor-resistant nature, the Robyn is a gym bag that will last longer than many of the other bags available on the market. Besides being tough, The Robyn is also convenient.

The small gym bag has multiple pockets on the outside and inside to keep your things organized, with a heavy-duty zipper that will keep everything in its right place.

The Core 2.0: a bag that does everything

The Core 2.0 is our upgraded small gym bag that has everything anyone would need for heading to the gym. Its small size has been completely redesigned to be even more efficient with space, meaning that you can put even more in this bag than most, making it perfect for people who don’t have the room for a large gym bag.

If you are looking for a durable and functional bag that looks great and holds a surprising amount of stuff, the Core 2.0 might be exactly what you need. No matter what kind of bag you are looking for, from a small gym bag to a large one, Live Well360 has a large selection.

Our bags are made from quality materials that look great while being durable, strong and long-lasting. Our many products are perfect for the gym, your next vacation or simply as a tough bag for your everyday errands. Check out our selection today to find a bag that’s right for you.

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