Gym Newbies: Finding the Perfect Gym Bag with a Shoe Compartment

Gym Newbies: Finding the Perfect Gym Bag with a Shoe Compartment

Being a beginner at the gym can be a little intimidating. There is so much to learn and everyone else always appears to know exactly what they are doing. Don’t worry – everyone started as a beginner at some point.

You might want to give yourself a little boost of confidence by starting off on the right foot. Making sure that you have the gear you need stowed easily in a great bag can help you feel a little surer of yourself.

A great gym bag with shoe compartment can help you feel great about heading off to your first workout.

What to Look for in a Gym Bag for Beginners If you are new to the gym, you might not know exactly the types of activities that are going to interest you. Take some time to try out a variety of workouts, including machines, weights, and classes. In order to have everything you need for different types of workouts, you need a gym bag that has enough space, pockets, and compartments to keep everything easily accessible.

Look for a gym bag that has these key features:

  • Multiple interior and exterior pockets
  • Larger interior space
  • Specialized zippered pockets for keys, phone, wallet, etc.
  • External, removable strap that can be used for a yoga mat or towel
  • Padded exterior
  • Made with highly durable materials
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Stylish
  • Shoe or dirty clothes compartment

When shopping for a gym bag with a shoe compartment or without, keep in mind that you can use your gym bag for other uses, like weekend getaways or as carry-on luggage. You’ll want the bag to look great for both gym and travel.

Do You Need a Gym Bag with a Shoe Compartment?

Not all gym bags come with a shoe compartment, but you should seriously consider choosing one that does. A shoe compartment is a zippered exterior pocket that is large enough to fit shoes into.

These compartments are usually located along the end of a gym bag. The purpose of a gym bag with a shoe compartment is to keep the rest of your items, including clothes and toiletries, clean. Even though gym shoes are generally only used indoors, they still pick up dust and dirt.

A separate compartment in your bag helps to keep that grime away from the rest of your belongings. Gym bags with shoe compartments are also great when travelling. You can use the shoe compartment for an extra pair of shoes or to store your dirty clothes in.

Choosing the Best Gym Bag

As a beginner at the gym, you will want to choose a good quality bag that will help you feel confident in your new routine.

One of our best beginner gym bags with a shoe compartment at Live well 360 is The Luxx.

It features a padded compartment for a laptop, a variety of zippered pockets and compartments, a key compartment with lanyard, a removable yoga mat strap, and it is made of highly durable ballistic nylon.

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