How To Get Motivated To Workout

How To Get Motivated To Workout

Discover why we lose our motivation to workout and learn how your passion can turn it all around. Get yourself motivated.

Motivation is such a huge topic, right? Everybody seems to struggle with it at one point or another and wants to understand how to have more of it. But how do we get motivated? I think that the reason why we lose our motivation to workout in particular is truly connected to something much deeper than surface things like finding new ways to get yourself to the gym... i.e. leaving your blow dryer in your gym locker so that you have to go before work. It's my belief that whether or not we are motivated to workout is actually tied to how much passion we have for our life. I mean, when we feel sad or depressed about life, the last thing we have is motivation to get up and do something physical! But if we can give ourselves a break for a bit, realizing that it may not be as simple as just getting “motivated,” then that might help to relieve some of the pressure that oftentimes makes us feel even worse (since we aren’t working out like we think we should be). And I know it’s hard to be honest with ourselves about how happy we are with our life because it’s scary, but being honest and aware is the only way to get happy and motivated for the long-run. So then the question is, how do you get in touch with your passion for life?


What Lights Your Fire? (No Seriously, This is Not a Hypothetical Question)

Carve out an hour of your time, go someplace quiet without distractions and brainstorm what you really really love to spend time doing or thinking about—what you are passionate about. We’ve all heard this right, but how many of us really do it? We get scared because we think that if we write down something that we would love to do, but then we can’t see how we could ever possibly do it, then we’ll just be depressed about that too. Don’t look at it that way. Don’t think that you have to figure it out. Just write it down and be okay with the fact that you don’t have to know how, you just have to get clear on what your dream life would look like.And it doesn’t even have to be some “change the world” kind of thing… it’s unique to you. Your gift (we all have one). The next step is to open yourself up to the answers. Pay attention. See opportunities as they literally land in your lap after you take the time to get clear on what you really want. When you feel inspired by life, you feel excited to get up in the morning, and suddenly you start having this strange desire to workout {gasp!}… not because you HAVE to, but because you want to. You’ve got tons of energy and working out is just part of what you do so that you are in your best shape and feel your best for all that you want to take on. Isn’t that why a special occasion like a competition, race, or even a wedding or a vacation is so motivating? Because you are excited about having a purpose, something that you are going to do that you’re thrilled about. When you are in the zone, connected with who you are, passionate about life… you want to take good care of your body because you want to be in top shape and get the most out of this time that you have on the planet. When you are consistently in that place, you don’t need motivation. Working out is just part of who you are and the rituals that you have. As counter-intuitive as it sounds, motivation is not even part of the equation. What do you think about motivation?
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