May Challenge: Get Out and Play (10 Ideas to Inspire Adventure!)

May Challenge: Get Out and Play (10 Ideas to Inspire Adventure!)

Whether you’re in a cold, snowy location or you’re enjoying the beaches somewhere in the Caribbean, we want to challenge you to get out and play this month. For many of us, February felt like the longest month of the year (even though it’s the shortest!) and spring can not come quick enough. However, if you spend your days wishing the time away, you lose out on the value of staying present and enjoying the moment. Here are 10 activities that you can do this month to inspire adventure… Female runner exercising

Get Out and Play… in the Warmth

  1. Grab your sweetheart or your best friend, a blanket, fill your backpack with snacks and lie out under the stars… Watch the satellites roam the night sky.
  2. Get your bicycle out and purchase a paper map and tour around your city. Bonus points if you act like a tourist and visit some of the attractions in your city as though you’ve never been there before!
  3. Go on a photowalk! Grab your camera (or your smartphone!) and drive to an eccentric or interesting neighborhood and snap cool and creative photos.
  4. Hit the beach. Whether you get in the water or stay on the sand, being at the beach is a fantastic way to infuse a quick burst of wanderlust into your life.
  5. Wander around the market. Throw on some light, airy clothing, grab a reusable grocery bag and hit up the nearby markets. Whether you’re on vacation or at home, spending the time browsing casually can be a fantastic way to spend the day.

Get Out and Play… in the Cold

  1. Put on your warm clothes and do something super simple: play in the snow! Make a snowman, have a snowball fight or build an igloo!
  2. Take up a winter activity. One of the best ways to enjoy winter is to find an activity that you love to do and do it often! Whether you ski, snowboard or snowshoe, getting outside is good for the heart, the body and the mind.
  3. Go on a winter hike. People often reserve hiking for the summer months but if you don your warm clothes (and pack some extra gloves in your backpack!), it can be truly enjoyable to get out and breathe the cool air.
  4. Get your skates sharpened and hit the ice! Skating is a fantastic cardio-based activity and it also strengthens leg muscles. So, while you’re getting fit you can also be having a whole lot of fun and being silly at the same time (you’ve got to fall at least once!)
  5. Grab a warm beverage, green tea or your favorite drink, and go for a walk with your partner or a friend. Simply connecting with the outdoors and getting your body moving, during a time when it can be rather sedentary, is needed during this time of the year.

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