The Best Gym Enabler, Ever (It's Not What You Think!)

The Best Gym Enabler, Ever (It's Not What You Think!)

I've gone through a lot of gym partners in my day. You know the type... the friend who eagerly signs up for a gym membership with you, only to stop going a few weeks in. Or, the downloadable app that promises to encourage workouts and motivate you, but that you quickly forget even exists. It wasn't until this week that I noticed that I had been at the gym nearly every day for a record-breaking two weeks straight and I wasn't even feeling pressured to go -- it had just become a part of my day-to-day routine and I, *gasp*, loved it! gym enabler people at gymRecognizing this new routine, I began to wonder what was enabling me to get to the gym as often as I was and it dawned on me... it was my gym bag! I know that sounds a bit silly, so let me explain how my gym bag has quickly become the best enabler, ever.

It Carries Everything I Need

In the past, I often had to build in buffer time for the gym. I couldn't head straight from work to the gym, unless I brought two bags, and even then, I'd always forget something important. When I sat at my desk thinking about the way the post-work shuffle would look, I'd often talk myself out of going to the gym because it felt too rushed -- like I wouldn't have enough time. Or, if I had to run home to get something I'd forgotten, I'd often end up on my couch watching Netflix, with zero motivation to actually head to the gym. With all of those hurdles, I'd often give up and head home. With my Luxx bag, I can put everything I need in it for work and the gym, which means I am more apt to go (remember that streak I talked about!) and less apt to forget something.

It Compliments My Lifestyle

Aside from the post-work workout, I was also making excuses for other days of the week, too. For example, if I knew that I was meeting up with friends later in the evening, I wouldn't sneak in a workout beforehand as lugging all my stuff in multiple bags and dealing with post-workout sweaty clothes felt like a nightmare. Now, I don't worry about any of that as the Luxx takes care of everything for me. The bag has this amazing vented laundry and shoe chamber, which means I can throw my stuff into the bag after my workout, get ready (the bag has eleven compartments, which means I've got plenty of space to store my toiletries and regular clothes) and head out with my friends. All that to say, I've been LOVING my gym bag and it really has enabled me to get to the gym more often.

In Conclusion...

Who (or what) has been your biggest gym enabler when it comes to getting into the gym for those workouts? Leave it as a comment below.
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