Top 10 Reasons Why People Kill Their Dreams

Do any of these excuses sound familiar?

Top 10 Excuses That KILL Dreams

10. I have too many responsibilities 9. I am too comfortable where I am now 8. I am too young 7. I am too old 6. I don’t have enough money to get started 5. I am too worried about what people would think 4. I am not smart enough 3. I don’t know what I want 2. I don’t know how to get what I want 1. I am too scared of failure These are the excuses that run through our minds, day after day, when we look at others who we view as successful or as someone who is going after their dreams. We tell ourselves that we are different, and we can’t change because of X, Y, or Z. How ironic that we say we want security and familiarity, yet that security or familiarity is the thing that in fact makes us the most unhappy. Life is meant to be filled with joy, yet so many of us feel stagnant, dreaming about what we wish our lives would be like. Dreaming of the opportunities that are just out of reach. We drown in our sorrows, feeling bad for ourselves because of all that is lacking in our lives. What we do not realize is that the only reason our lives are this way is because we are holding ourselves there. We tell ourselves that we are “stuck”, but in reality we are not stuck at all, we are just repeating the same defeating self-talk over and over again, so the same stories just keep echoing, experience after experience. So how do we step out of that negative self-talk groove? The answer is that we’ve got to feel our way out. The secret is to start listening to how you feel, and to begin following what feels good. First, we must acknowledge that where we are now is not where we want to be. Next, we need to stop making excuses. Finally, we must start thinking about what really inspires us. What makes us tick? Now, thinking about what inspires us doesn’t mean that we have to make any knee-jerk decisions right this moment, it just means that we are beginning to get our priorities straight and reconnect with who we really are. So many of us just follow along the path that other people lay before us, losing ourselves in the process, and one day end up on a road in which we have no idea how we reached. Because that road was the easy road, or the secure road, or the well worn road, we went along following the “rules”, doing what we are told, but now we realize that this was someone else’s plan, not ours. Today we take that first step in defining who we are. We stand here, right now, not in resentment, depression, anger, or fear, but in excitement because now is the time to start on a new path, to live the life we were meant to live. We ARE the creator of our own experience. We are in the driver’s seat, so it's time to start steering in the direction that WE want to go. How do you overcome excuses?
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