Tote Bags - For Style and Convenience, Never Leave Home Without Your Tote

Tote Bags - For Style and Convenience, Never Leave Home Without Your Tote

The start of the year means the start of a new you, and what is a better way forward than to get out there and start a new, healthier lifestyle?

Exercise and gym visits are very common at the start of the year, but if you want to give yourself a better chance of pushing through the new year’s resolution bump, you need to be fully prepared.

Having a stylish and convenient way to carry your exercise gear is a good step to take. Tote bags are convenient for many things in life, from the store to the gym, and, with a high-quality womens gym tote for your exercise gear, you can easily carry your gear, whether it's clean or dirty.

Tote Bags - The Stylish Choice

Getting yourself a women’s gym tote, such as the one available from LiveWell 360, is something that is always in style. The ability to easily carry it around, being made from a variety of materials that can be styled from the very basic to the outrageous, means a tote bag can be a very personal item that shows off personal style at a glance.


Tote bags have always been a very convenient way to carry your stuff around. When you are exercising and going to the gym, get one with side pockets where you can store shoes, dirty laundry after a rigorous exercise regime, or even your electronics.

If you aren’t going out to the gym this week, then you can empty it and use it for your shopping excursion as a convenient way to carry stuff. If you are a weekend road-tripper, or just a day-tripper, you can use a durable tote bag to carry your books, food, spare clothing, or just about anything you will need for a short trip.

Tote bags are also very roomy, and they can carry everything that your purse can’t. Need an umbrella or large thermos for the day? Grab your tote and put them in there with a spare snack or anything else that may be needed.

Water and odor resistant materials mean you can take your women’s gym tote from the gym to the car, and later to the park or on a day trip, without worrying about smells spreading. This also makes them very easy to clean if you do get a spill inside.


Women’s gym totes are also the eco-friendly option when compared to just carrying stuff around in disposable bags.

With a durable tote, you’ll be using it for years, reducing the amount of trash you are throwing away with a less durable bag that might last only a few months to a year.

Furthermore, taking your tote to the store for a quick grocery trip means you aren’t using plastic bags.

If you are looking at women’s gym totes and want something durable that is made from ballistic grade nylon, that has a stylish signature lining, and that features high-quality hardware that will last for years, then check out The Tote and many other gym bags from Live Well 360 online.

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