What’s In Your Bag Kath?

What’s In Your Bag Kath?

Kath-Younger-from-KathEatsIn today’s What’s In Your Bag feature, Kath from KathEats.com shares some of what she’s got in her Core bag!

Kath Younger, RD, healthy living blogger and Great Harvest owner

The following five items are lifesavers in my household. Fitness items I swear by and would not be as chipper without!

Old Navy running tops

I bought two of these last year and when I spotted the 2011 version, I picked up 3 more. My very favorite workout shirt, they are lightweight, quick dry, flattering, and have nice thumb holes for cold winter runs! Kath_2-199x300 Kath_3-300x199

Moving Comfort sports bras

I recently bought two of these on sale at a local running store and couldn’t be happier. As someone who is well endowed, I can’t just go to Target and pick something off the rack. These sports bras are super supportive and create the perfect shape…ifyouknowwhatImean! Kath_1

Better Homes & Gardens

I never go to the gym without a magazine. I once subscribed to about 20 magazines at one time! Now I’ve simplified my subscriptions down to my very favorites. I’ve sworn off magazines with quick fix diets and too much fluff. BH&G tops my favorites list. Other favs include Whole Living and Real Simple. Kath_5

Bare Minerals

Add glow to your glow! After a workout and a steamy shower, I buff on Bare Minerals. I swear by the makeup for a flawless finish! I don’t leave my house without the base foundation and the warmth. Cover Girl’s Tapestry Taupe is also my very favorite eye shadow! Kath_8

Yoga Tune Up

The Yoga Tune Up (aka “yoga tuna”) balls are lifesavers. I hold my stress in my shoulders and 5 minutes with my “yoga tuna” ball give me the same release as an hour massage. I keep one in my car and one at my desk so I can quickly go stand against a wall and roll out the knots after too many Body Pump classes! Kath_4 Kath_6
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