Your New Years Resolution: More than Diet and Exercise  Share Email

Your New Years Resolution: More than Diet and Exercise Share Email

How does the saying go… “a new year, a new you”?

We all get excited about a new year, don’t we? It’s a chance for rebirth, for making changes, and for starting over in many cases. Often times this focus is put on fitness and health, which is great. You see a lot of attention in the media being put on what to eat and what exercises to do in order to get fit and healthy. I just wanted to take a moment to say that this is also a great time to take an inventory of more than just what exercises you are doing in your workouts and what foods you put on your plate.

Give yourself the gift of diving a bit deeper than that.

Are there any habits in your life that are holding you back rather than helping you move forward? Is there anything that you are currently spending lots of time doing that is zapping your energy and taking you away from getting out and enjoying life? I often tell people, it’s great to stay educated, read blogs, magazines, and RSS feeds, and to Tweet and Facebook, but it’s helpful to take a step back and ask yourself if technology is sometimes a distraction from being active and present in this very moment of your life. You could be on your computer or phone Facebooking people OR you could be fully present with someone enjoying their company and connecting on a deeper level in person. You could also be out playing your favorite sport with lots of friends. I’m not suggesting technology is right or wrong, just something to consider. And that’s just one example, I don’t know if this example even applies to you. I know it sometimes applies to me! The same principles of taking an inventory can be applied to other things like relationships, career, and even self-talk as well. Just remember, you always have the power to point yourself toward the health and fitness that you want or hold yourself back from it, and your ability to do that is about much more than the workouts you do or the food you eat. Cheers to an amazing year. We’ve got LOTS in store for you!
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