Advantages of a Large Women’s Gym Backpack

You need a backpack that will haul all your gear to the gym without letting you down. Women’s gym backpacks come in a variety of sizes, colors, designs, and styles, but not all of them can handle the strain of travelling and the weight of your workout equipment. Read our guide below on how to find a gym backpack that can withstand the test of time in three easy steps. 1. Compartments Staying organized can help you be more efficient before and after an intense workout. The last thing you want to do is forget your headphones or lose your keys, and you definitely don’t want to mix your sweaty garments and shoes with your clean clothing. A high-quality women's gym backpack will have multiple compartments that are as sturdy as they are spacious so you can keep everything tidy and separated. You need one or two pockets for your sweaty garments and shoes, and you need one pocket for the clean clothing you’ll wear after your workout. You will also need to dedicate a compartment to your water bottle, energy bars, snacks, or supplements. Don’t forget about keeping your phone, keys, wallet, gadgets, and headphones somewhere safe. 2. Material The material of your women’s gym backpack makes a difference to its overall performance. A quality backpack will be crafted using durable materials, such as ultra-strong nylon and YKK-grade zippers. Here are three fabrics we recommend • Ballistic nylon: Regular nylon is strong, but easy to tear. Ballistic nylon, however, is a thick and durable nylon that was originally designed for military apparel during World War 2. It was basically used as body armor against debris and shrapnel caused by bullets and shell impact, so you know it can hold up at the gym! • Canvas: Canvas gym backpacks are heavy-duty bags that are difficult to tear or damage. The tightly woven fabric is weather-proof, and it also has a wax finish that amplifies the fabric’s heavy-duty benefits. Back in the day, outdoor companies waterproofed their gear, coats, packs, bags, and such with a wax treatment that came to be called “Tin Cloth.” • Leather: Leather gym backpacks have a more polished and professional look to them than their canvas and nylon competitors. You can go straight from the gym to the office or class without having to stop and switch bags in-between. Leather is also as durable and easy to clean as canvas or nylon. 3. Size The size of your gym backpack is important. Avoid going too small because this may limit you, but also avoid going too big for your body size. When choosing the size of your backpack, consider, firstly, your lifestyle and, secondly, your frame. If you want a versatile women’s gym backpack, then pick something on the larger spectrum because you can also use it for camping and sports games. If your backpack has an adjustable harness, you modify your bag to fit your torso. Some packs also offer interchangeable hip belts that make it possible for you to swap it out for another size. If you’re interested in getting the perfect women’s gym backpack, visit us at Live Well 360 to see our selection today.
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